The End of Jehovah`s Witness`s

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  • oneairhead

    Another twist in this theory might be that the borg starts moving more and more toward a more traditional type religion. For example, they may receive new light that says we must be more appealing to the masses and so you can stop wearing ties to the meetings and in service. Then they may say that you can just wear regular clothes to the meetings. Then they may say that birthdays are ok now etc... This way they can start passing the collection plate. Also this would allow them to keep the money flowing in via religion. This would happen very slowly but it would keep people interested.

    Some examples of this are the lowering of the pioneer hours a few years back and now we have the shortening of the meetings. What's next sunday school?


  • freyd

    The question I keep wondering is what has been the raison d'etre? Is there a fundamental difference in them and any other religion?

  • tula

    I think the lawyers will figure out a way to take it all and vanish and leave the GB holding the bag.

  • journey-on

    From my association and observation, I think the JWs will drastically change directions in the next couple of years. The Kool-aid version of the WT will be the key to these changes.

    I think right now, they are probably shaking in their boots and thinking, "Oh, well! It was good while it lasted. Let's see if we can pull a rabbit or two out of the hat before we pull the official plug. Let's drain the rank and file of everything we can over the next few years. Some of the old timers will no doubt fork over their estates to us in their wills if we direct them to do so with a barrage of scriptural directives. Then we can sell off some of the Kingdom Halls, especially the ones that can give us the maximum profit right now."

    Then I think they will change their doctrines drastically after the Big Drain. They will lose some, maybe most, of their members, but, if they do it right and make their "religion" more mainstream, give it a New Twist, and maybe even a New Name----voila! They're back in business.

  • greenhornet

    I think at least in the USA, they will be considered a business and will be taxed like a business. It already happened in France and now, South Africa is trying now.


    WBT$ Is being Taxed??..LOL!!..It`s about time!!..A Political Organization(the WBT$) posing as a Religion,is Repugnant!!..........Thank you "all",for the replys!!.....Many of us are in different Time Zones"..And..Have different "Work Schedules"..I would like to hear from everyone,who has an opinion on this subject..Thanks!!...OUTLAW

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