The Good, The Bad and The Troll

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  • eclipse

    I'm glad you are back!

    Your story makes alot more sense now, now that we know abit more about you...

    I never thought you were a troll, but I was finding it hard to believe that your good news was that good!!

    We are used to bad news I know?

    So welcome, and I am sorry that we jumped on you like that...

  • JK666


    I am enjoying your posts so far, and am glad you are here.

    If I were in your situation I'd be paranoid about being found out too. There are some people that monitor this board trying to see if they can ID posters. Even Brooklyn has spies that check JWD out.

    I think what would make me more nervous is if one in your group of ootb narcs you out. It woud not be pretty if someone rolled on you.

    I would probably feel safer posting on my own, and withholding personal details that could get me in trouble.

    Good luck!


  • hillary_step

    Looking for truth.

    What else is there?



  • Twitch


    Nice to have you back. It's always cool to hear the "long time lurker, first time poster" post.

    I haven't been to a KH in over 20 years so I'll pass on the first couple questions,....

    However, this one caught my eye.

    We have a hard question for the board: Why are you here? Are you looking for the truth or are you just mad about the WTS? Do you even think there is a true out there? Are we asking too much? Yes, we think so. Please, don't kill us.

    I am here to offer a kind word and share an aspect of my journey as it relates to life after the KH. Easier said than done sometimes, eh? lol

    I am not bitter or angry towards the witnesses anymore as it was eating me up inside. It was either change them or change myself. The WTS is rather misguided in it's methods and is protective of it's own interests, but i see alot of that in such organizations, religious or otherwise. Doesn't make it right though.

    Truth is an elusive and very personal thing in my opinion. I am content with where I am at this point in my life as regards what I believe and the paradox of knowing/not knowing what is "ultimate" truth. What is true for you may not be for me, etc. Birds of a feather will flock together, but I appreciate the variety of species that there are. But were I to put truth in a sentence, I believe it to be the unconditional, uncontrollable, undeniable appreciation for and "worship" of life, in essence, love. I dunno, ask the poets,....

    I don't think you're asking too much at all. In fact, I do think you've only just begun. Don't be afraid. Fear will kill you, not the quest.

    Peace be with you.


    hillary_step..Politic`s!..Frigg`n Politic`s!!..LOL!!..If anyone can make me laugh it`s you...OUTLAW

  • Gopher

    To all the outofthebox posters:

    You have come to a good place, and will get support for your journey, whereever it takes you. It's good that you compare what you hear at the meetings with the analysis given here on this board. It will help you see the kind of mind games the Watchtower Society plays to keep its members in mental bonds.

    I haven't been to the meetings since 2000. I still come to this board out of interest in what's happening with JW's, because my parents and grandmother are still loyal JW's and they are affected by all this. Also I like to try to help answer questions that newer members of JWD may have.

    I have no interest in religion any more. I had enough religion to last more than a lifetime during my 39 years associated with the Witnesses. But I have friends in real life and on this board who feel religion is important, and that's okay for them.

    So bring your questions to the forum. We have people here who have been in every imaginable situation with JW's or family members or friends who are JW's, ready to give insight.

  • fresia

    OOTB.. thanks for coming back and explaining a few things, was good to know that the PO was not trying to trick you, I thought maybe he was.

    I'm here because I need a place to come to for company about my distrust of the org, and am slowly putting pieces together, it is hard when you don't have anyone to talk to about it, you feel all alone, and not sure who in the congregation thinks or feels similar to you, so being on here is a place of trust.


  • fresia

    sorry double post

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Questions for all of you:

    1) Do you think about JWD when you are in the KH? We do. A lot.
    2) Do you say 'Amen' in the meetings? Some of us, don't do it anymore.

    We have a hard question for the board: Why are you here? Are you looking for the truth or are you just mad about the WTS? Do you even think there is a true out there? Are we asking too much? Yes, we think so. Please, don't kill us.

    An introduction - I was raised in the borg. I took it seriously when I turned 18. Got baptized, pioneered, became a Ministerial Servant and went to Bethel. This took exactly 2 years. I was in Bethel for 10 years and became an Elder. I gave talks at Conventions (or Asambleas). After I left Bethel I had a thought, if we have the 'truth' why does the Society tells us not to listen to 'apostates'? The search began...bla bla bla me encontre con JWD. Despues me vino depresion y pensamientos de suicidio. La congregacion queria hacerme el Presidente Superintendente.

    So I stayed in the congo for about 1 year after logging on to JWD and I would copy threads onto my PDA and read them at the meeting. I also read the book, Combating Cult Mind Control at the Kingdom Hall. I never said amen or even sang at the meetings anymore.

    Why am I here? To help people like you. Being mad at the WTS is a phase. Looking for truth? Nah, I enjoy one day at a time. Is the truth out there? Perhaps. This is my personal belief ... the facts prove that all generations have passed away, mine is no different, the ones after me will come across the inevitable. What is beyond life after death? Who cares. Enjoy life now.


  • WT=watchtrouble

    Welcome again, so great to have u all here.

    I am here because I don't know the truth anymore. For me it is a good place to be until I can find myself in this world.

    lets face it the WTS has messed with our minds

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