Recording of my call to Brooklyn Service Desk...

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  • deaconbluez

    Nah man its a country station, I'm just the announcer that you hear between songs and adding news/humor and such from time to time.

  • bigdreaux

    i'll still listen tomorrow. lol what time are ya on?

  • deaconbluez

    This week it won't be any. Possibly next week or the week after, though. You can listen to me on the main station that I'm on, though. Click "Listen Live" at any weekday afternoon from 2-7PM central.

  • bigdreaux

    cool. what's your on-air name?

  • deaconbluez

    I don't use a fake name. I just go by my real name: Jason Taylor.

  • What-A-Coincidence



  • OnTheWayOut

    LOL at the way they don't train the phone guys any better than they train the elders.
    Can't they give him a list of taboo subjects that never go beyond surface help?

    It would be simple to say, "Well sir, we don't get into long discussions or debates over
    the phone. If you would like detailed information on any of our beliefs, please send a
    letter to xxx and we will be happy to reply." Many corporations are prepared to do

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Thanks Burgertime for posting that alternate source. My firewall wouldn't allow the first one through.

    Wow Deacon!!

    That was great. I especially enjoyed hearing you hum along to the Kingdom Hold Music. ROFLMAO.

    That guy sounded like he was holed up in a basement room with a flickering fluorescent bulb over his head. His voice was practically screaming: JUST SHOOT ME NOW! GET IT OVER WITH!

    You, on the other hand, sounded great.

    Now, let me get this straight. Which one of you is supposed to be "gnashing their teeth"?

    Great job Deaconbluez!!

    Open Mind

    p.s. I'm guessing you're a Steely Dan fan?

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    I've still got it playing, unless it's stopped for some reason...that is some DEAD airtime!! lol
    Have to agree with what others have said, very pathetic. LOL Just got to the "can you hold on please?" after like 5 mins of NOTHING. LOLOLol.

    Great job deacon.

  • carla

    Did the sound cut out or did he never find what he was looking for?

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