September 11

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    My husband was at the gym on the treadmill. When he. saw the pictures of buildings collapsing, he thought it was a movie.

  • prophecor

    The world has completely changed, since that fateful day.

  • Gregor

    I was in a hotel in Orlando watching the Today show while packing to fly home after a weeklong business trip. Matt Lauer was in the process of introducing Harry Belafonte so I grabbed the remote and went to CNN. They had just put up the live picture of smoke coming from the side of the tower. They were speculating that it was a small private plane when a reporter on the street spoke to an eye witness who said "no, it was a big commercial plane!" I went down to the hotel lobby and it was packed with people watching the TV's when the second plane hit. People were screaming. I was to fly home to Portland at 1 pm that Tuesday. I didn't get home until the next Saturday.

    How could we ever forget this horror? Yet, a short 6 yrs later a significant part of society has chosen to do just that.

  • Soledad
  • fullofdoubtnow

    I was visiting my mum, and saw the second plane hit, which was the moment when we all knew it was a terrorist attack. I stayed with her all afternoon, and went to the meeting that night in a state of shock and horror.

    Some jws at the hall were actually trying to put a "positive" spin on the day's events, and saying that maybe people they met in the ministry would be more receptive in the days following. I found their attitude sickening, to say the least, I certainly didn't try to use 9/11 to get the message across, it was far too tragic an event for that.

  • fresia

    I was in bed and watching TV and dozing of, ( Aust) I had the TV on low and I would just wake and look up, and I saw this plane flying into this building, I thought it was a movie until all the news was going by on the bottom of the picture, I jumped up and turned the sound up, then I saw another plane fly through another building it was like a movie, I just couldn't believe it, was the worst thing I had ever seen, and I couldn't grasp what was really happening for a day or so. Just horrific.

    They showed bush at some school talking to kids and I watched his expression I didn't know what to make of it, was strange, then they mentioned Bin Ladin, I had never heard of him before, and all these other reasons for what was happening started to come on TV with different so called experts on Terrorism, I had never really thought about Muslims or Islam.

    It changed the world in the way we think and introduced us to something we never really knew about.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I saw the WTC attacks 1st hand.

  • shadowofbathory

    i know i will be nailed for this and i am not trolling

    i cannot read this and not post my honest opinion

    911 attacks were shocking

    if we look at the damage in numbers of deaths directly related to the attacks it comes to about 3 thousand odd i think

    even 1 killing is sad let alone 3000

    but folks this many people die every 2 hours from starvation in africa, something humankind can completely overcome. yet we dont seem to give a stuff about that do we, becuase those bloated poor humans that we cant stand to look at dont appear human to us really, or to me anyways, death is the best out for them too given their dire situation.

    so we can stand their deaths even though we know we can have a hand in stoping this sad sad process which ticks over 24/7/365. How terribly unreasonable and shameful is it therefore for us to be outraged at 3000 dead on one unfortunate occasion as compared to 3000 dead every 2 hours preventable.

    USA alone i understand has spent over 600 billion dollars on this iraq war / occupation initiated and executed on false propositions about saddam and the troops are still there and there is no bloody uproar and outrage from us. Oh and whilst they are there fallaciously they have murdered, raped and abused many 10's of thousands of innocent iraqi humans apparently justified by their evil terrorist leader. Is that not more shocking to you especially considering that it is still occuring every day now for over 4 years?

    You have 18-24 year old GI joes with now permanently damaged characters out there abusing the innocent people of that nation without distinction, wholesale, abusing older ones, raping kids etc etc unthinkable things whilst backdooring the oil and wealth of a nation, and whilst this is happening daily you have the audacity to remember those killed in 911 only.

    Regardless of your beliefs about bin laden, a conspiracy, the accountability of the USA in their dealings with the middle east, putting that aside, which is the greater evil and violation of human rights, the very sad and unfortunate 3000 killed in the one off event of 911, or the 3000 killed per hour which is potentially preventable by the majority, along with the daily deaths of innocents under the occupation of the western world in iraq?

    And all this sold to you by an evil american dictator under the guise of the mantra ' we got'sta kill all them terrorists and those that support and harbour 'em'. What a sick joke that most have bought into. If you were an iraq resident who would you say is the real terrorist by definition? the american in charge seems to me to be the hitler of teh 21st century and we sit around going about our daily lives watching it happen everyday and dont see the trees nor the forest

    Shame Shame Shame

  • Gregor

    Yes, Shadow, shame, shame, shame...on you and your ilk.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    shadowofbathory i applaud your post .rational and sensible.The idiot who says shame on you and your ilk blinkered.

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