Shopaholic needs a husband!

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  • misanthropic

    lol I'm such a dork. Are we talking about JWD's "shopoholic"? I thought this was from a singles add... In this case nevermind, I'm pretty sure "our shopoholic" has no such intentions, please disregard my blatant contempt for mankind. Blame it on the Rum, damn that demon Rum ~ Damn it to hell

    and between shopaholic and me, you don't need a husband~ trust me I've had 2 so far, they're not all they're chalked up to be (Runs out of thread before sticking foot further into mouth).

  • BFD
    Do you have a job? Being the center of the universe is tough! I really should get paid more than I do.

    Are you disease free? I'm still waiting on the blood tests.

    Are you nice? Of course I'm nice! What kind of stupid question is that!?

    Are you smart? I know everything there is to know, and no one can tell me otherwise!


    If only you had a sense of humor you'd be a great catch!

  • Warlock

    Sorry, but the lust of my life is MARY!


  • avishai

    Lol, Misanthropic Rocks!!!

    Hey, mis, wanna lve in Sin?

  • misanthropic

    Lol, Misanthropic Rocks!!!

    Hey, mis, wanna lve in Sin?

    lol, anytime Avi, anytime

  • Honesty

    On second thought, lets do this "right".

    Do you have a job?Somewhat. The climbers call it "self employed" but it really means that instead of one boss I have many.

    Are you disease free?Yes. I did suffer from cognitive dissonance for a number of years but am now fully cured

    Are you nice?Like sugar and spice.

    Are you smart?If I said, "NO" then I wouldn't be, especially since shopaholic's future may be riding on these answers.

    Any single man who can answer all of these in the affirmative has my blessing to send shopaholic a PM.Her mailbox is full.


  • changeling

    Thank you all for your response.

    All of you who responded in the affirmative may PM shopaholic (yes, the JWD one)

    You may also PM noni since she seems interested and we are an equal opportunity matchmaker

    Snoozy will take PM's from the slightly older and wiser set.


  • 5go

    Shopaholic is a deal killer in this world.

  • tijkmo

    i'm mad broke ugly and disease ridden

    but i have a scottish accent.

  • misanthropic

    Ok so now that I know this is our Shopaholic- Snakes joined up on E Harmony- might be something to check out.

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