Snakes had legs until Eden curse! Watchtower 1880 till 1974!!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    It is doctrine from the Photo Drama of creation till the 1970's that's a long time to be preaching that to people.

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  • james_woods

    I am here to tell you that this was not only real teaching by the Witnesses, but they used to show pictures of the "vestigial rear limbs" on such species as certain Boas to prove that this happened as they taught. It you teach it in your magazines, then it is on the level of doctrine, or at least dogma, IMHO.

    There are some very difficult "snake questions" for the JW dogma beyond Eden, though - if you think about it:

    For example - if the snakes were all vegans - (and will be so in the new system) - then what were the constrictor muscles, the heat seeking "pit formations", the highly developed sense of smell with the forked tonque, the fangs and various types of poison glands, etc. for?

    Did Noah bag an example of ALL the species and keep them in isolated custody on the Ark? What about those Sea Serpents (the most poisonous of all) of the Australian Reef? How, for that matter, did some of the most virulent species seem to end up exclusively in Australia, with no land bridges to any other continent?

    And round and round we go...

  • Witness 007
  • Jomavrick

    James Woods is spot on as usual,,,,,,

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