You won't believe this: a KH turned into a church!!!

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  • observador

    Hello everyone,

    About two years ago I posted here some pictures of a Kingdom Hall for sale. That was quite something to me; had never seen something like it; never thought I would. Always thought that a progressive, ever increasing true religion would be always building and expanding, not selling.

    But what wasn't my surprise when I passed by the other day and the damn Hall had been sold; worse, the old, glorious Hall had become a, gasp... a CHURCH!!

    So, it looks like the "waters of Babylon" is not exactly drying up like we thought, humm?

    What do you all think?

    Enjoy the pics. Here are some from about 2 years ago:

    And here the CHURCH:

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Yep, several years ago a KH was sold in our city and turned into a church.



    A KH that I once attended was also sold and used as a church! It's kind of funny to drive by and see it still in use!


  • SacrificialLoon

    What's the name of that one bully on the Simpsons that points and goes "Ha! Ha!"?

    Anyway. HA! HA!

  • flipper

    Really funny ! I see the light does get brighter as the years go on ! " The Lighthouse Church ". Catchy name ! Wonder if the real estate agent was a witness who sold the property to them ? Quick , form a judicial committee, and catch the money grubbing scoundrels before they leave town ! We have to keep Jah's house clean ! Oh, wait we can't " false " religion inhabits it. False alarm

  • Stephanus

    The crosses are a nice touch.

  • IP_SEC

    My last hall is a church now too.

    It is now the Hosanna Asembly of God.

  • R.F.

    Our old Hall here locally was sold and converted into a church. Isn't that flat out doing business with "Babylon the Great"??

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Yep - the one I attended was sold to a church 20 years ago. They built a much larger KH. The same 100 [give or take] attend the bigger Hall as did the smaller one. The bonus has been for the Brooklyn Book Club. They financed the new Hall, collected interest, and then owned it. Then they financed a remodel, collected interest, and still owned it.

    Oh, and a second bonus. Not one damn Jw understands the significance of those transactions here. NOW, that's mind control.


  • DaCheech

    15 years ago they bought a masonic temple in paterson, nj (huge place)

    2 years ago they sold, and is now a christian church!

    funny thing is, paterson is low income kinda place, and the only other hall can house a miniscule amount of dubs!

    As far as I can see alot of those low income people have to travel farther than optimal

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