Why Do People Have Children?

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  • hillary_step

    I ask this with serious intent.

    Evolutionary imperative? Selfishness? Boredom? Peer pressure?

    Are there noble reasons to procreate?


  • BrentR

    We don't have children, children have us. Besides without children marriage is just dating.

  • truthseeker

    Evolutionary imperative - some want children to continue their family line, to pass on life, to get joy from having children and watching them grow.

  • oompa

    Due to a combination of strong sexual urge mixed with total stupidity

    never ending job....oompa

  • zeroday

    AHHHHH news flash:


  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    people have kids because the humans that don't want to have kids, die off and don't pass along their genes.

    The people that want and/or are able to have kids, tend to have kids, and those kids have that fertile and/or kid wantin gene.

    Sorry, I don't think it's any more complicated then that.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    What's wrong with having children?

  • Finally-Free

    I can tell you why I didn't have children. I was a pioneerâ„¢ and married a pioneerâ„¢. We decided to have kids in the "new system". That was the official story we told ourselves and others. The truth is both my ex and I came from very dysfunctional families, and neither of us are comfortable around children. I don't even know what to say to them. As a child, most of the interaction I had with adults was drunken screaming in my face just before the beating.

    In some ways I regret not having kids, in some ways not. In any event, it's too late to start now. My family and others are of the opinion that we didn't have kids because we are too selfish. There may be some truth to that. After being physically and emotionally drained by my family, the only thing I wanted as an adult was to quietly enjoy my life without people in my face.


  • sweetstuff

    Noble reason to have children. I can think of one, people are always sighing over the state of the world, having and raising socially aware, free spirited, tolerant and just children is one way of helping to bring about positive change for future generations. If people don't actively choose to raise these type of children, what hope is there for the future of humanity? If only the ignorant and selfish breed, the future is screwed.

    Selfish to have children? I have heard that quoted before, that a person wants their "genes" or "name" to be passed on, but if parenting was simply a matter of passing those on, why do people with more than one child mourn a lifetime if one dies? Why do people die for their children, knowing full well from a selfish perspective, they can have more offspring?

  • MeneMene
    "Due to a combination of strong sexual urge mixed with total stupidity"

    I have to agree with oompa.

    Also must add both of my 'accidents' are treasures. I can't imagine life without them.

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