Budddha Bless Afghanistan

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  • unclebruce


    There is a lot of ignorant Afghan bashing going on here at the moment (as opposed to informed Afghan bashing) and when we read the papers and see the television pictures it's little wonder why. The world news media is on a feeding frenzy whipping up so called 'anti-terrorist'* retoric to silly levels. (*one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter .. Nelson Mandela? Che Grevara? Bob Marley?)

    Let me make this perfectly clear - I am not against every callous terrorist on earth being hunted down and excecuted like the worthless dogs they are.

    If I ruled the world every single child molester and every single wife beating piece of shit that walks the earth, every helicopter pilot that cluster bombed women and children or napalmed vietnamese villagers, every mad scientist, every remote killing coward would be immediately and without the slightest twinge of remorse or pity be lined up against a wall and shot. I'm no rampant pacifist and carry a proud fighting heritage dating back to the days of ending slavery in England to my more recent ANZAC forebears.

    I know emotions are running hot at the moment and when my good pal logical dared post something about the insanity that we as a species are he gets silly shallow minded pricks like TR heaping abuse on him (duh...) (sorry TR but someone's gotta tell ya ;)

    As I posted to our US marine friend Yeru .. all the chest puffing and militeriistic peacock strutting is fine (if you get off on that .. 'scuse me while I puke) .. but the the shallow hollow bullshit ignorantly directed at the good people of Aghanistan is getting right up my clacker .. all the ignorant crap and dumb jokes about Afghan TV just play into the hands of those who'd have us believe Americans are hiding so far up their own arses they don't reconise anything but their own excrement.

    Come on you yanks .. you're a whole lot better than this .. how about some reasoned debate and acknowledgement that an Afghan life is just as precious as anyone elses. Sure we should track down and kill terrorists without emotion or mercy but don't slander a whole people without knowing a thing about thier culture. (like America did with the beautiful, ancient and intricate 3,000+year old culture of Vietnam)

    Where I was born and raised (S.Aust) the Afghans are revered to almost godlike status. You see when my decendants left England for the free state of South Australia (the only free colony in Aust .. no convicts for us thankyou very much) in the early 1800's, with hardy pioneer spirit they ventured into one of the harshest environments for farmers on earth. It was drummed into us as kids that water was extremely precious there ... "the driest state on the driest continent on earth" schoolteaches impressed on us (mmm they forgot about Antartica) .. anyhow many faiiled and some including my relations survived and prospered there thanks largely to the Afghan camel men who kept them supplied and markets open .. those tough bastards survived for weeks where an Englishman 'd be dead in a few hours.

    It's a bit weird at the moment for South Australians because just now when Afghan celebrations are at thier peak there .. all hell is again breaking loose in that crazy country.

    The Afghans have the undiing unashamed support of every South Australian (all 1.5 million of us ;) We cherish the memory of those outstanding bushman and the roll they and their beasts played in our settlement. We named our favorite desert train after them. "The Ghan" still chugs the rail but it's a lot quicker now .. it used to go so slow you could often jump off, pick a few wildflowers and jump back on at the rear .. and if a washout occurred you could be stuck for days or even a week or two while the line was fixed.

    The Ghan is Australias most famous train journey (from Adelaide to Alice Springs) and the decendants of those desert camels have bred up to be one of the purest most sort after camels in the world .. (if you need one i'll do you a good price .. let's haggle)

    unclebruce, an Australian with Afghan friends who believes in killing in cold blood (stick yer media hype where no light shines!)

    PS: I am no expert on Afghan culture but i've seen precious little evidence that anyone else here is either .. especially the loud mouthed "let's bomb the bejesus outta 'em" brigade .. "DUH! Let's break someth'n" .. typical little boy, limp pathetic male ego responce to a crisis .. trouble in fammily beat the wife and kids .. (the previous analagy doesn't really work but it felt good so i typed it) anyway .. give me coolheaded, coldblooded killers as friends anyday (fight fire with fire and keep the sabre rattling and whirling duh-vicous to the fanatics running amok in Islamabad.)

    PSS: There are several recently released books out describing in detail the pivotal Afghani roll in Australian pioneer history. (I might go get me one)

  • mommy

    Wow Unc,
    I had no idea. Thanks for the history lesson.

    Blind faith can justify anything.~Richard Dawkins

  • pettygrudger

    I appreciated your comments on Afghanis - I've been doing alot of reading of foreign on line news organizations, and their perspective is something that I believe all Americans should try to understand, even if it doesn't seem "true". Perhaps what most Americans cannot understand is why terrorists become so angry, and we are probably just as pre-disposed to "race profiling" as any other group/culture. I think this was a wake-up call to our entire American population, young & old, to take a look at the world around us & how America fits in. I believe sometimes the biggest show of strength is that of restraint training. America is the strongest country at this point (militarily wise) in the world - but perhaps we should be showing them why. And why is because we're suppposed to be the "great melting pot" of human society.
    I personnaly do not agree w/the carpet bombing currently going on there. I don't believe we are truly using "diplomatic strategy" (you can't drop bombs w/aid attached to it). I truly hope that the American people take a look at our foreign policy and then shape our government accordingly.

  • peaceloveharmony

    hey unc

    i just wanna say hi. i'm all lost on this whole thing.....i don't know the answer to the world's problems. all i try to do is love everyone (well, all those that don't wanna kill me cuz i happened to be born where i was born) anyways....just sending my love to ya unc! i don't understand hate and i never will. i just want to live and love. so i'm sending love to you and yours!!


    Most people think, Great God will come from the skies, Take away everything And make everybody feel high. But if you know what life is worth, You will look for yours on earth: And now you see the light, You stand up for your rights.~~Bob Marley

  • Tina

    Gday Bruce,
    And there is a lot of american bashing as well. Equality is alive and well luv. I'm not gonna argue your politics and opinions,as we all have the right to em.
    And Yeru isn't a MArine. Being the wife and mother of military vets,I got to take issue with yer description of our military. And if anyone is the last to 'wanna bomb and fight it's seasoned miltary folk.That's unfair.
    I got no quarrel with ya here either. Every life is dear.Guess what? We have an Afghan pop. here too! Will wonders never cease?
    Luv ya,Tina

    si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes

  • willy_think
    Let me make this perfectly clear - I am not against every callous terrorist on earth being hunted down and excecuted like the worthless dogs they are.

    Ah, a true Christian.

  • ozziepost


    I've heard many similar expressions as yours recently...but from one person, Mrs Ozzie!

    This could make for an interesting discussion at the bbq, eh?

    Who says we're not educated in the orstraylean apostayte ranks?


    "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

  • Yerusalyim


    Since when was the US "Carpet Bombing" Afghanistan? We aren't, we're using almost exclusively bombs with GPS (Smart Bombs). That a few of these bombs miss their mark or that we target something which later proves to be a soft target is a shame, but is a fact of war; CIVILIANS GET INJURED. It's not the US that is to blame, but rather the Taliban, who could have prevented this whole thing by A) becoming part of the world community and not hosting terrorists, or B) by handing over Bin Ladin and company to the US.

    Unca Brucie, I have the utmost respect for the Afghanis be they Pashtun, Uzbec, Tajic, Hazara, Nuristani, Aimaqi, Baluchi, Turkmen, or what have you. The people I have NO RESPECT FOR are those who've joined the Taliban with thier hate filled doctrines and practices. With the possible exception of the Eritreans in Africa, who beat back a Soviet funded Army starting LITERALLY with stones and spears, there is not a more tenacious hardy group of people in the world. But the Taliban brought this on, if someone has a better solution I'm all ears, but so far SILENCE, which in itself speaks volumes!
    Oh, Bruce, by the by, I'm a soldier in the Army not a Marine. A minor detail to you, but either I or the US Marines are insulted, I'm not sure which. No harm, no foul.

    Petty folks like you should learn the truth before mouthing off about "carpet bombing". If you want to engage in the debate, arm yourself with facts.

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]

  • Tina

    heheheh (((((yeru))))))))
    That's why I said you weren't a Marine heheh.Specially to guys who have worn and do wear the beret. ">
    Somebody said that to Rock a few times and did he and Dan go on a tirade.lol Rock gave me a 2 hour experience of meeting them in bars in N.Car,and meetin up w/ them in Panama,etc lolol.)efin jarheads)lol.luv,T
    (no disrespect to the Marines,just talkin about the rivalry here)T

    si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes

  • pettygrudger

    YERU - you are absolutely right - I took my information off several news sources that used this phrase, and perhaps like many others I tend to be naive regarding issues such as war. This was not my intent - certainly not to anger people like you who defend our country. My point was that I hope our government is using their diplomatic might as much as their military might. If my post offended you - I apologize. I try to take my information from all sources, including those abroad and I have heard/read this expression used in many different sources.

    But thanks, I haven't had the chance to be told how dumb i am yet on this board - much appreciated.

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