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  • thedepressedsoul

    Here's my thought:

    I wouldn't DA yourself but whenever someone calls, see's you or the elders contact you, just tell them point blank it's all BS, and tell them why.

    If they try to invite you to a judicial meeting, ignore them more. Don't play by their rules or give them the upper hand. Be yourself and show you could care less and that they have zero authority over you!

  • DesirousOfChange

    just tell them point blank it's all BS, and tell them why. . . . . If they try to invite you to a judicial meeting, ignore them more. Don't play by their rules . . . .

    If you're going to "play by your rules" then you have to know their strategies. Do it like recommended above and they'll soon have their "two witnesses" to your apostasy and they will DF you even if you do not attend the JC.

    You have to plead "confusion" about the BS. Questions. Questions. Questions.

    HOW could Jesus have meant "overlapping generations"?

    WHY would they refuse honor the superior authorities subpoena to defend themselves is court on such horrible accusations...........if it's all false?

    HOW could so-and-so be appointed when now we know he was a pedo/adulterer/porn addict/theif/etc? Why didn't the Holy Spirit prevent that leaven in the Cong/Org?

    Keep one step ahead of them and laugh your ass off the entire time that you are planting and watering (weed) seeds.


  • thedepressedsoul
    I see what you're saying Desirous but he stated that he just wanted out and to not deal with them or try to get around anything. That's why I just suggested being who you are, stating what you believe and let them do what they want.
  • ron rawson
    ron rawson
    Whether you do or not, it is certainly your choice....but HOW you do it can be your choice too. I have seriously thought about writing a letter to the editor if I were to choose such a course. The letter would be formatted in such a way as to also be something of concern to the community. Otherwise it is very unlikely it would be published. Then, anyone could read it and there would be no speculation about any other reason besides the real one for your having made this decision. And as a bonus, maybe (a big maybe admittedly), someone will read it and it may be the start of their exodus. Kill 2 birds with one stone perhaps. My2c.
  • done4good

    I never bought into the "it is playing by their rules argument". Most who say this are really pretty much faking it, (not that I don't understand the reasons for doing so, but it is equally as judgmental to claim "playing by their rules", when they don't know your personal reasons for DA). I did gain great peace of mind from it, and don't regret it for the most part, however...

    That said, it can be costly, and you may find years later there may just be that one person whom it offends that you could have made a better case with, have you not DA'd. It happened to me, and changed me immensely.


  • Giordano

    Here is a web site that actually talks about this situation.

    Well worth a look.

    I would not play by their rules but would consider undermining their rules. A letter to the editor of a local paper can set the record straight.

    The community may be very interested in the WTBTS two witness rule when it is applied to child abuse. As well as not informing the congregation that they have an actual or suspected pedophile in their midst.

    The coummunity might be interested in the WT coercion policy that keeps JW's firmly in hand as well as fearful.......the mandate not to speak or interact with a DF or DA person be it a close family member or friend on penalty that they in turn will be DF and shunned. I don't think most people understand the level of coercion a JW faces. Nor one's right to resign from the congregation without being shunned. In the civilized world freedom of religion and from religion is of the utmost importance.

    These two basic issues are unassailable and can easily be understood .

  • Finkelstein

    The only problem I see by not sending in a DA letter, is that the JWS will bug you by phone or whatever continuously for a very long time.

    On the other hand if you do and they announce it at the Hall you attend , the people there will automatically think you've been taken in and overwhelmed by Satan the Devil , making you there on a very dangerous person to associate with.

    The choice is inevitable yours ........ best of luck

  • SAHS

    Submitting a formal disassociation letter and having them close your file is the better option because it puts an end to all of their nonsense for you. After all, it looks like you’ve made your choice 100%, and you don’t have anything to lose by a possible blackmail situation (lucky you!).

    Think of it this way: if you decided that you didn’t want anything more to do with, say, another publishing company (yes, the WT is really just a publishing company – one that’s run as a cult), such as a published magazine or newspaper, or a CD/DVD/book-of-the-month club; or, say, an Internet service provider, cellphone wireless carrier, bank, insurance company, security home monitoring company, etc.; then you would want to send a formal letter, perhaps by registered mail, to clearly ensure that that service is to be completely terminated forthwith, wouldn’t you? (I would.) Otherwise, you could still remain subject to receiving unsolicited and unwanted communications or offers/promotions/advertising – which would only be fruitless for them and annoying for you.

  • rebel8

    I would be interested in getting clarification on what is meant by this.

    I never bought into the "it is playing by their rules argument". Most who say this are really pretty much faking it

    Faking what?

    it is equally as judgmental to claim "playing by their rules"

    Why do you view this as judgmental? DA is their religious ritual; voluntarily participating in it is playing by their rules. This is just a statement of fact, not judgment.

    when they don't know your personal reasons for DA). I did gain great peace of mind from it

    I can't imagine many personal reasons. Is my list missing anything?

    1. Expressing your feelings/beliefs to your former cultmates by use of a cult ritual (their rules).
    2. Seeking a sense of closure by forcing the cult grant it to you (their rules).
    3. Any variation on #2--getting some sort of catharsis by participating in the cult ritual of DA (their rules).
    4. Utilizing a cult ritual (their rules) to cut off contact from your former cultmates.
    5. Seeking punishment (their rules).

    Anyone who wants to play by their rules is free to do so. That's the beauty of the freedom you now have.

  • SAHS

    “steve2”: “It's worth noting too that the primary utility of a letter of disassociation is, not for the writer, but the local body of elders who will use it as evidence in support of the organization's shunning policies.”

    Actually, that would depend on the particular writer, as everyone has their own unique situation – and their life history, personality, emotional dynamics, needs, and what really drives him/her are also unique and deeply personal. As such, therefore, whatever net advantage and emotional efficacy which would, or would not, be gained by submitting a disassociation letter could only be judged on an individual basis.

    Surely for many, many folks, especially those having strong personal integrity, conviction, positive self-image, and maybe just a tiny amount of gumption and courage, the “primary utility” of a writing that letter would, indeed, be fulfilling the needs and interests of the writer! After all, it wouldn’t it be a most positive and deliberate step in a person’s recovery process?

    If it were me in “Garrett”’s particular situation, I would write that letter in a heartbeat – and I wouldn’t care less if it was published in the Wall Street Journal.

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