A New Breed Of JW Emerging?

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  • Englishman

    Is there a new breed of JW emerging, I wonder?

    I know that there are lots of real brainwashed dubs around who see demons behind every car boot sale item and who scuttle off to the elders with every bit of tittle-tattle imaginable, but, I think that there is a new type of dub who quietly does just as he / she pleases.

    This is what I think: Many of the long-serving JW's who have seen the 1975 failure and the 1914 generation change are now approaching old age with something of a jaundiced eye, and are choosing to do their own thing in their remaining years. In conversations I am picking up it seems that the elders are being regarded somewhat derisively by many JW's. These mildly rebellious types seem to still have a "love for Jehovah" but are choosing to listen to their own conscience. While not wishing to DA themselves, they appear to be quite happy to simply keep information out of the hands of the local elders.

    A few examples: My Mum, dub for 50 years, happy to go on holiday with both DF'd sons, sees no need to inform anyone of this. Attends all the meetings.

    My ex-father in law, dub for 40+ years now goes to Italy to reunions with WW2 ex-soldier compatriots, what he does is his business, he says. Attends all the meetings.

    An old mate, still dubbing, born into it, now in his late 50's, abandoned by his JW wife, gets his leg over on a monthly basis. He sort of confesses by telling his PO that there are areas in his life that he's just cleaned up, then off he goes again. Bit like being a Catholic after confession almost. Attends all the meetings.

    An old female friend, been a dub for 40 years, won't shun anyone, especially me, because she doesn't agree with it. Attends all the meetings.

    The thing is that these are all folk who are reckoned to be strong dubs, we're not talking irregular publisher / attendee here, we are talking reasonably respected JW's.

    Maybe this IS the start of mainstreaming!


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • Pathofthorns

    I think you are right in speculating a "new breed of JW".

    It seems as long as you "know and accept" that "it is the truth", then you can pretty much do as you please. You can even disagree with some things privately as long as you keep it within certain circles.

    I think much of this has to do with changing attitudes in society in general which have rubbed off on Witnesses, as well as some change has had to occur simply out of necessity.

    I think the leadership realizes they have lost alot of their control over the membership that they once had. Increased cult awareness, mass information and media has increasingly tied their hands as to how to control these members without appearing as a cult.


  • Tina

    I have to agree here.
    'jaundiced' is just the right word to describe the old timers who have been served up promise after broken promise.
    I've seen many of the older ones do similar things as you mentioned.
    I think the rather lonely and isolated lifestyle gets to them after a while of these broken promises and they reach back out into the 'world'because we all have the very human need for affiliation. To be with others sharing similar life experiences.
    You can't do that with most JW's. They've really never DONE anything,or experienced many of the normal life events others went thru.
    I think many have also seen the disatrous consequences of not furthering their education,and are much more open to younger ones doing this now.
    Hard-liners still abound,but hopefully their numbers will grow less and less .
    Thanks for the excellent food for thought today Eguy! luv,Tina

    si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes

  • Fredhall

    A part of this new breed is going after opposers of Jehovah.

  • Not Perfect
    Not Perfect

    Hi Folks,

    This is something that I have noticed as well, but it isn't isolated to the older ones. My daughter and hubby, both active jw's, see nothing wrong with talking or visiting with me, da'd, as long as we don't talk religion. They go to college, have plans to send their kids to college and are truly seeing the reality of the old age that they will face. A new breed for sure.

    Not Perfect

  • jayhawk1

    What you are saying is true Englishman. Many of the younger ones here in Kansas are living the so called "Double Life", but still go to most of the meetings. The Elders in the Kingdomhalls are so old that they have a hard time doing anything about it. Plus if they did do something about it, they would loose half of the congregation. Now, somebody has to pay the bills and these Elders are so poor, because most of them did not plan for retirement, that they could not pay the Society back on the loan for the Kingdomhall.

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

  • ashitaka

    Hi Fred.

    In all seriousness I agree with the Englishman. This is very true. I have witnessed such behavior. It's a little bizzarre, but understandable. I think it's gonna hit the fan soon, the molestation stuff, doctrine, etc., and that a division will occur, and people may leave, but I don't think it's going to be all good or bad. I just think it's going to separate the thoughtless ones from those whom we truly used to call brother and friend.

    Fred, do you seriously believe that everything will just be "sorted out" with no consequences? An opposer of Jehovah must be those who rail against Him; I don't. I'm a God-fearing man who left an organization which was oppressing my family and I for no sin. They simply didn't consider us part of the club. And it just want my cong. or group of congs., but all over.

    I hope it all hits the fan soon.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hello Englishman,

    There's no question that they don't make JWs like they used to. In fact, I think one of the few constructive trends operative among them is the tends on the part of the rank and file, at least here in aaMerica to move to the mainstream, and in the proces drage the recalcitrant leadership, kicking an screaming, toward joining up with The Family of Man.
    Signs of this? The diminished number of the rank and file, both in absolute terms and as a percetnage of the congregation, who support weekend field service. Who these days goes out in field service every weekend, on BOTH Saturday and Sunday, for at least two horus each? Forget it!
    Among the locals, there's no longer the stigma there was once was on home or property ownership, buying life insurance, investing or participating in retirement plans. Many of these are actually buying cemetary plots!
    The leadership may deplore the trend, but they'er aware of it. Why else would they reduce teh requitred hours for pioneers? And what would happen if they tried to hold eight-day conventions, each day from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. like in the old days? ASs yourself how well supported they would be.
    The organzation may be growing larger, if slowly; but it's also getting flabbier with every tick of the clock.

  • LovesDubs

    Fred consorts with, talks with, hangs with, argues with and just generally chooses to hang with apostates and "opposers"...so when Jehovah cleans house, guess what baby is gonna be thrown out with THAT bathwater!

    hehehheheheee Freddy Foo Foo...you a cute lil Dubbie. Add to that list of new breed of JWs "Jealous Ones" who want our freedom so badly their hatred of us is all consuming.

  • Fredhall

    Hey LoveyDubby,

    Then you must be an opposer to Jehovah.

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