A New Breed Of JW Emerging?

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  • tdogg

    I have tried to stay completely away for 10 years so I havn't noticed any change. The ones in my family seem to be the same as always.

    Black Man you said"I feel that a large percentage of JW's would leave, if they only had a support group to express their true feelings. Most JW are old timers, with many years in the org, so their thinking is - 'where would I go at this point in my life, I might as well stay, and keep my doubts to myself.'"

    -I agree, and imagine how difficult for someone who has spent most of their life in, and then contemplate leaving. How do they admit to themselves that it was all for nothing?

  • TheOldHippie

    A few examples: My Mum, dub for 50 years, happy to go on holiday with both DF'd sons, sees no need to inform anyone of this. Attends all the meetings.

    My ex-father in law, dub for 40+ years now goes to Italy to reunions with WW2 ex-soldier compatriots, what he does is his business, he says. Attends all the meetings.
    Just a line to these two examples of yours: I doubt it if anybody ever would have objected to any of these things.
    Your point is interesting, but these examples were so "harmless" that who would ever have objected?
    But what it boils down to, is that people perhaps are finally beginning to realize that their service, their obedience, their responsability etc. is towards God and Christ, not towards human beings or organizations.
    People perhaps are finally growing adult?

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Englishman,

    excellent thought and well reasoned

    points. I've also noticed many " differents " things that

    now ...are allowed, ...pemitted or if you like .. not being

    the subject of " negative comments " or worst demanding speedy

    action by the ...elders. It is a good thread worthy of our

    time and debate. I'll come back with more specific ex.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

    " One who has an accurate knowledge
    of God's Word will have no problem
    in refuting false religious ideas".

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hi all,
    I think the cumulative effect of all that strident drum-beating over the long years is wearing the average JW down, and they're tuning it out much as one does to the music piped into elevators and dentists's offices, or becoming inured to it much one does if he lives near a highway or train rail.

  • Sirona

    Maybe this is just the natural evolution of the religion. Each religion goes through stages, and JW religion is relatively young.

    Human beings always integrate "cultural differences" and suchlike to their religion, even one like JWs. Gradually, they will likely have more and more differences worldwide.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Agreed, Sirona,
    We oftne foret that JWs are really nothing more than a 125-year-old American religion, and they're following a well-trodden path: historically new, radical, dynamic religions moderate and institutionalize gradually as they grow. Actually, in teh case of the JEs, maybe it's happening faster than we realize, given its relative youth: there's no question today's average JW is much less radical and committed to the concept than in the 50s when I became associated, and certainly in comparison with the Rutherfordian kooks of the 30s and 40s.

  • Sirona

    I forgot to mention, this "new breed" welcomed me at a JW wedding recently, despite the fact that I spoke to a DF person who was there (I thought that he wasnt allowed to be there actually! ), wore a backless top , and got quite *tipsy* ... LOL!

    They all happily associated with me all night.

  • Seeker4


    Good post. I started a similar one a year or so ago on the old H2O. I've seen so many of the same things that you've mentioned, though I must admit that Mulan's comment and others about bros and sisters having affairs or unmarried sex on a regular basis without telling the elders and while still doing all the "right" things in the congregation was a bit shocking to me. At least when I had my first sexual fling on my way out I had the decency to just simply stop any activity beyond occasionally attending a meeting. I sure wasn't about to make comments at that point!!

    I'm seeing more and more JWs simply doing what they will and keeping quiet about it. My wife's congregation (where I had served as an elder for 15 years) recently gave a talk about dress and grooming - which made her mad and she said she was going to totally ignore it. The Witness women in my family are all quite attractive, and don't mind dressing to show that off.

    I have seen some of the more mindless Witnesses who have left finding themselves all shook up by the WTC disaster and talking about coming back to meetings, but I think that its sort of part of the overall knee-jerk reactions we're seeing everywhere from people who don't think these things through very clearly. A lot of people who leave the org haven't really replaced it with any kind of viable philosophy about life, and nasty events like Sept. 11 scare the hell out of them.

    I've seen Witnesses more willing to do the b'day thing, much more lenient about getting together with worldly people, even on holidays, and not afraid to speak out against local elders or the WTS in general. I always find it interesting to get together with in-laws, some of whom are old-time elders. I'm quite apostate according to the JW definition, and out of respect for the family I don't say a lot about what I think. But I do listen, and I find it funny how critical they often are of things they hear and see among the friends or from the Org itself. It's no longer the feeling that "If Mother says jump, we ask how high."

    My mother has always associated with my disfellowshipped sister, as have I. It's common around here, actually, among some. They just don't publicize it much. I think there are still some hardliners, but they are looking more and more like brainless wonders to many of the friends.

    And Sirona, tipsy and in a backless dress. My kind of woman!!

  • pettygrudger

    As a child growing up w/the JW's, I can only "hypothosize" what I would "be like" as a parent of children now w/in the same organization. I am a very "moral" person who loves my family deeply but unconditionally. Had I remained a JW, I feel that I would be the same person I am now (except not having the benefit of seeking professional help). With that in mind, its not suprising to see a "softening". So many of the JW's that grew up horribly traumitized by what they were hearing, seeing & feeling will be raising their children much like me - not wanting their children to experience ANY of the same abuse, and watering down the "message" to make it easier for the children to stay on the straight & narrow (and allowing for occasional realistic slip-ups). As far as b-days, I never did see what the big deal was - how could it be wrong to celebrate the birth of your child, any more than the day of your marriage to your mate? It will be truly interesting to see where this religion goes in my lifetime....

  • DIM

    has the society ever read Job 1:1-5? its pretty clear that Job celebrated his kids birthdays.

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