South Carolina

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  • SlayerLayer

    Lilacs, The name doesn't ring a bell.

    Chappy, I just sent you an email. Are you related to Melonie Chapman?

    ThomasPoole, I grew up in the Clemson area. Did you ever go to the Astro Triple movie theater in Clemson? Until recently, I was the general manager there. How long ago was it when you went to Clemson?

    Tatiana, it is way too easy to spen way too much money at the Anderson Jockey Lot. LOL. I always make sure I only take a little money with me when I go!

    WOW! So many people with ties to my neck of the woods! We should have an Apostofest soon!!!

  • betweenworlds


    Absotivly posilutely!

    I'll be there


    "The important thing is to not stop questioning" Albert Einstein

  • safe4kids

    ((((((slayerdude!)))))) How ya doin' cuz??

    You're in Liberty? Cool. I have family that live in Pickens or SixMile or something like that...course, they won't talk to me, but hey! I still love em! Anyway, I visited Liberty years ago...thought it was actually quite nice. My aunt and uncle were living up the hill from the Kingdom Hall and I helped bottle that purple stuff...does any of this ring a bell? If so, drop me an email!


    "...I'd walk with my people if I could find them..."

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  • betweenworlds

    Hey safe!

    Only been here in Liberty a little over a year now Yeah, Liberty is ok....a sleepy little town. The neighbors are absolutely we've ever had. They have shown us more true christian love then I've ever seen from the KH!! We are about 3 miles from the KH, so your aunt and uncle must be kinda close to us.
    Pickens is in SC, right? Purple stuff? Now I'm intrigued! lol


    "The important thing is to not stop questioning" Albert Einstein

  • crittersitter

    hey guys!
    i was in central sc back in 94 at a grooming school. not very exciting news, but being there probably saved my life. my x was a bad dudue and we were divorcing at the time...
    any how i was amazed at how the little towns were lined up along the railroad tracks....
    critter...teachers pet @ southern institute of pet grooming

  • Tatiana

    Slayer, that would be a good reason for me to visit. And to bring back a cooler full of shrimp. I used to go to the docks in Georgetown when the shrimp boats came in, just to get them as fresh as possible.

    I know most of you guys live more towards the central area, but I could never visit without going to the coast. And it sure did seem that the railroad tracks ran through the entire state with so many little "one-horse towns", (as my Granddad was so fond of saying)right alongside them.

    In Andrews, I always hated coming from the meeting on Thursday night, because the train never failed to run through the middle of our two-stop-light town at precisly 9:30pm. We would sit there for an hour. And just when you thought it was almost coming to an end, and you started the car again, the train would STOP.....and back up to switch tracks. Grrrrrr.....


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  • patio34

    Howdy y'all,

    I live near Sumter/Camden area in SC. My daughter just got married in Georgetown over the weekend and just got back in town. Stayed in Myrtle Beach. It builds more by the week!


    Sorry I missed you - my sister (Patio) and I were in Cola last Wednesday for lunch and book browsing. Taking her to Charlotte for plane back to CA tomorrow......but I'll e-mail you.

    How ya takin' to the food in the South? Seems they just can't get enough rice or pepper. Been here 20 years now.


    P.S. This is REALLY from Patio. Hee-hee, I changed the user name so I could post and she forgot to change it back. I'm visiting her until tomorrow. We've had a WONDERFUL time!


  • safe4kids

    Hey BW,

    Yup, Pickens is not far from Liberty, if memory serves me right. The purple stuff was a cleaner that a brother (Bro. Bultje - not sure bout the spelling) made in a shop next to his house, which was on the hill above the aunt and uncle were living in a travel trailer or something like that at the time. Course, this was quite a few years ago now!

    My aunt and uncle now live in SixMile or Pickens, not sure many little towns! My parents live in SixMile...and I have various other family members scattered around that area, but I'm not in touch with them (I'm a filthy apostate ). As a side point, the brother sold "The Purple Stuff" to Castrol (I think) and now you can purchase it in the automotive section of your very own WalMart!

    The world jus keeps gettin smaller,


    "...I'd walk with my people if I could find them..."

    Third Eye Blind, Deep Inside of You

  • Dani

    I lived in Columbia between 1986-1999. I attended the Riverside, Elgin, Northeast, and Blythewood congregations. I didn't know everyone in Columbia except the people in my congregations, so if you know anyone from those congregations, we can email each other!

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