March JW Broadcast: Once again disparaging Higher Education - this time in the Music Video.

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  • baldeagle

    2015 January Broadcasting – (Anthony Morris) spent half the segment demonizing and attacking higher education on all levels.

    2015 February Broadcasting – (Samuel Herd) A video shows an elderly sister reminiscing about her life. It’s interesting that she says to herself, “I never imagined I would be this old in this system of things. Time goes by so fast. I’m on the infirm pioneer list.” She wants to still serve in some way and says, “The young ones especially need our help.”

    We now see a scene of a young sister deciding between a college scholarship or filling out a regular pioneer application. This elderly sister is able to convince this young woman to give up an education and a rewarding career but rather hand out WTS tracts for the next 70 years, mission accomplished!!

    2015 March Broadcasting – (Gerrit Losch) Again an overt attack on higher education. A young woman in school is handed literature containing colleges & universities to consider. She rejects the literature outright not even giving it an unbiased consideration. She’s heard of all the evils of higher education. Later we see her filling out a regular pioneer application, mission accomplished once again.

    I’ve said this before; this must be a huge organizational problem for the WTS leaders that they have to constantly demonize higher education on such a regular basis. It would at least cause one to conclude that this campaign of vilifying higher education is falling on deaf ears. The relentless, unyielding disparaging remarks on extra education must clearly indicate a profound refusal from young ones in listening to any of this crap from the GB. From what I’ve seen and heard from surrounding congregations many young ones are definitely interested in getting extra education if possible.

    The reality is most Millennials are not interested in pioneering and if they’re men are even less interested in reaching out to be elders or MS’s. The shortage of young ones that are making any type of full-time service a goal is alarming to the WTS leadership. They are hemorrhaging youth, and young couples that for the most part will not believe blindly or live like their parents did. They saw their parents grow old and their father’s faithful service to the congregation go unappreciated.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Gosh, that video touched my heart... in a bad way. It reminded me of how deceived I was to walk away from furthering my education after I graduated and I pioneered instead. And the guy reminded me of how my "bethel career" was just a dead-end job. And lucky him, his apartment is way bigger than my crappy bethel rooms ever were.

    Happily for me, I now have a degree and a good-paying career that allows me plenty of free time for meetings and service... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It leaves me plenty of time to post here and spend money on non-WT activities, like Sunday morning brunch!

  • brandnew
    Yeah, yeah, on the outside.......lookin in the kh.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Thx for the "jump the shark" and "nuke the fridge" memes!

    So true!

  • wannaexit

    They are relentless in this warfare against education. But I believe that this stance will come back to bite them in their behind at some point in the near future.

    Watchtower is still enjoying the benefits of the older generation that saved and contributed heavily. My parents for example were immigrants, who worked very hard, scraped, saved and contributed generously to the the organization. I can say the same for my in-laws. The check book came out pretty quickly whenever the org begged for money.

    As this older generation is about to die off, these generous funds will dry up. My generation just doesn't have the same funds. Most of my peers in the congregation are just scraping by because they are uneducated and at best can only get minimum wage jobs and i don't believe they are putting one red cent in the contribution box.

    So who will support the org in the next 10-20 years? It certainly will not be the ones that put education to the side. So i think watchtower is shooting itself in the foot.


  • cattails

    Awful sickening vid!

  • EndofMysteries

    WT forgot a real important part of the music video! After the girl rejects the college and the man quits his job, the nice fancy middle/upper class house they lived in as featured in the happy cart Video has a bankruptcy/foreclosure sale and they are forced to move ghetto on their part time minimum wage earnings. Who erased that part?

  • SonoftheTrinity
    For a Religion that condemns homosexuality, their music videos are somewhere between A Matt Stone Trey Parker Musical and the Eurovision song contest. There must be a lot of pretty boys in the Bethel trying to pray the gay away if all they can come up with is that foo foo fluff. First the Singing Witness Cart Song and now this. If only the Bethel were near Nashville or Bakersfield and further from Broadway. If you are going to talk about how we don't need no smartass college boy critter cull thankin' you can at least express it in the Murcan vernacular. I have been auricularly sodomized for a second time by the Watchtower Organization! The self-congratulatory groupthink over at the Bethel just gets more and more ridiculously over the top. With this kind of lame propaganda, who needs North Korea?
  • smiddy

    It just says CULT to me


  • JWCartPusher

    The most beautiful video I've ever seen, how I love Mama Organization taking good care of our youth, making sure their set for the Future and beyond!

    Every time I head down to the mail box, I play this song praying that Jehovah will remove all my "Past Due" bills and "Collections Agencies" calling my house. It's great music when you don't feel like thinking or desire to be alive, just good old mind numbing "JW Paxil" allowing everything to be blunt!

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