March JW Broadcast: Once again disparaging Higher Education - this time in the Music Video.

by cappytan 79 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • blondie

    How disgusting! I can remember when some of my jw peer group quit school, quit their junior year because the end was near...then when it did not come they had to go back and get their diploma to even get a menial job.

    Of course, this is written by people who have all their basic needs and some wants provided and paid for by Bethel, their parents, and people in the congregation who want to have a Bethelite on their social list.

  • ToesUp
    Yeah we have still in family that went the JW route, pioneering, bethel, etc. Guess what? They are all BROKE! Now as they are getting older they are looking to the ones who got some education/well paying jobs to help them out. Some are looking to any source they can to foot the bill. So in one breath they condemn you but in the next breath they need some help with your "dirty" college money. lol
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    I don't see it on JW Broadcasting, so it can't be true! :)
  • done4good

    I am convinced now that the organization has crossed the Rubicon. I really did not think I would say that so soon, but they are digging themselves into a hole big time with this video crap. No sane person is going to accept such nonsense. Videos like this will continue to polarize the nominally sane from the crazy loons.

    Keep it up WT. I look forward to the day when those remaining sane ones make their escape. It is a matter of time. Tick...Tick...Tick


  • Absalom
    Cappy- Can you leak the whole thing?
  • tidalblitz
    Disgusting. So what is the girl going to do for money while pioneering?
  • pixel
    Gotcha. Thanks.
  • Splash
    Get a decent promotion and you become responsible for organising your own time, not looking to another manager to tell you when you can leave for the day.
  • user100

    i wonder how they will live during retirement.. i know most will not have a retirement and work till they die.

    i wonder if you get social security in the US.. but thats based on your income during your working years right.

  • freemindfade


    I love what I do, I have been criticized by m family for having things and living my work. But I have an awesome job, at the same time they say its like Im always on vacation. Because I am not a victim trying to be miserable. I work with amazing people, my day to day is always exciting, fulfilling, I had terrible jobs when I was younger, but i was living the witness mindset. I will answer emails day and night, my team is awesome and I would say I probably work a lot less harder than any window washer, janitor, part time whatever witness. I mix my play and work back and forth, somedays im in the office I am having fun, somedays im on and island or boat but still working to some degree. They portray a "career" as so evil.

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