March JW Broadcast: Once again disparaging Higher Education - this time in the Music Video.

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  • sir82

    I have seen it presented that the Greek "unlettered and ordinary" meant illiterate.

    That's exactly what it meant.

    95% of the 1st century Galilean population, most certainly its fishermen & carpenters, would have been utterly illiterate.

  • jonza
  • cappytan

    jonza figured out my source. lol. I was trying to be cryptic since it was supposedly a private link that was shared with me for last month's broadcast. :P

    All I did for this month was replace the issue parameter to get the current month.

  • Magnum

    OMG! So corny and cheesy and amateur. They need to stop trying to be something they're not - hip, relevant, in touch, etc.

    Starting at about 1:25 - "The time I have can never be replaced. The steps I take can never be retraced. That‘s why I want to choose carefully."

    Yeah, they had better choose carefully. Those words are profoundly true. That's why all JWs need to seriously examine their religion and consider the steps they're taking now - how they will affect their future. I lost virtually my entire life to JWdom, and will suffer for it until I rot.


    I am convinced now that the organization has crossed the Rubicon. I really did not think I would say that so soon, but they are digging themselves into a hole big time with this video crap. No sane person is going to accept such nonsense. Videos like this will continue to polarize the nominally sane from the crazy loons.

    Keep it up WT. I look forward to the day when those remaining sane ones make their escape. It is a matter of time. Tick...Tick...Tick

    I agree. They always claimed they were doing a separating work; well, now they really are. They are separating the sane from the brain-dead.

  • Crazyguy

    Man that song really sucked!! And why don't they really show the JW's as they are leaving the trailer their living in and working at that fast food place instead they make as though these people have normal lives and normal things, NOT!

    I remember a couple of years ago talking to an elder about getting a printer he needed for his work and I was talking about getting the one I had since it worked on WIFI etc. it was only like 150 bucks at the time but he looked at me kinda weird indicating to me he didn't have that kind of money for it.

  • freemindfade

    All they are doing is preaching work harder for less, instead of work smarter for more.

    Most millionaires have 8 revenue streams, and they are not working full time on all of them .

    The goal of entrepreneurial pursuits is really not to work your ass off. It's the opposite!

    Working smart gives you freedom. So if witnesses weren't such miserable, self and others loathing people, who blame: the world, satan, their brothers and sisters, and so on, for all their woes, they might accomplish something, find a real happiness. But they stay in a rut of manual labor for little money or satisfaction.

    This just shows me how unenlightened they are, not even the downplaying of education etc, because I have an education but I believe self education will always make you more than formal education. But, its this idea the work has to be miserable unless you are in a factory printing off watchtowers. Thats clear deceit



    From "Hollywood (Part 3)", a 1977 episode of the TV series Happy Days, in which the character Fonzie jumped over a shark on waterskis, after which (supposedly) the show bore no similarity to its original form.


    I am totally convinced that the WTBTS only wants Watchtards. Seriously, who stayed a Millerite after "The Great Disappointment", or stayed with the ISBA after the Big A failed to show in 1914, or stayed around to be abused by Rutherfraud? Who stayed loyal after 1914, 1919, 1925, 1975, 1995 ( Generation change ), 2000 ( work to be completed in our century)?!?!

    Answer: Watchtards!!

    The GB know that the truth will come out, that's why they have ramped up the cultish WT articles about loyalty! They do not want any intelligent, free-thinking, rational, critical thinker in the Organization. That's why they have F'd themselves. Why do you think they are so far behind the curve when it come to using a website or videos?? Was it because YHWH couldn't figure out what Googling was?? Or, was it simply because some idiot Watchtard leader was afraid that anyone who can reason, would eventually see the magic trick?? Were it not for the fact that any teenager can make a website, JW. Borg would not exist!!

    Think about it!!! It's taken them decades to get onboard? Why??? THEY PRODUCE WATCHTARDS!! The Internet is easier, they haven't gotten smarter!! Far from it! They may fly to close to the Sun, just give Stephen Lett and TOMO the reigns!!

    They could accomplish so much more, like real charity, and still preach about the Kingdom all the live-long day and have plenty of cash if they would encourage education. Nowhere does the Bible discourage education or say you cannot "give a man a fish" while teaching him to fish.

    The WTBTS's dogmatic, black and white, Us vs. Them, cult mentality has painted them into a corner. There is no Jeehoober backing them. They will not be here in 100 more years, unless they severely downsize and go "paperless", which we are seeing. They will also be forced to do actual charity to keep their status, IMO.

    They can lose 50% of their cult and keep going if they embrace the Information Age media outlets. Their challenge is to walk the line of hypocrisy by demonizing education and educating enough dubs, just enough to keep them.


  • thedepressedsoul

    As a younger person, I am currently saving and putting money into my retirement on a regular basis. When I tell fellow JW that you should see the look of disgust on their face. Most of them tell me what's the point of saving since the end will come. They continually tell me to not save and that it's a waste of time. It's almost like they would rather me just spend it. They say jokes about me and talk down to me but whatever.

    Mean while most of them are in debt, living pay check to pay check and can barely afford their bills. To me it's crazy the stuff they condemn and how they treat people that actually try to be smart.

    It'll definitely make for interesting conversations when we're all in our 60-70's, that's for sure.

  • Magnum

    RULES & REGULATIONS, yeah they truly have jumped the shark; I've been thinking that a lot lately.

    For those that don't know, the term "jumping the shark" (coming from the Happy Days episode RULES & REGULATIONS MENTIONED) refers to the notion that some TV shows, businesses, organizations, etc., when they start to go into decline or become stagnant, will take drastic measures to regain their momentum. Sometimes they will try to completely reinvent themselves. Sometimes they do not remain true to themselves and they sell out. They often do outlandish things (such as jumping a shark).

    JWdom was (and still is, to me) losing. The great leaders knew something was wrong. They were beginning to feel old-fashioned and out of touch. They tried to demonize and shun the internet, but it kicket their butts, and they had to sell out and embrace it. Now, they're doing corny, cheesy stuff - stupid videos (including music videos), televangelist-style TV (but lower in quality), getting happy-clappy in Kingdom Halls, producing cartoons, etc. They're trying to appear hip and cool and relevant. What JWs, back in the 80's when the end was supposedly imminent, would have ever imagined that JWdom would be what it is now? They truly jumped the shark or "nuked the fridge" (look it up).

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