March JW Broadcast: Once again disparaging Higher Education - this time in the Music Video.

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  • ToesUp

    freemindfade. They portray EVERYTHING, except slaving for them ($$$), as evil.

    You sound like you have a awesome job. Like they say...if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. So true!!!

  • FadeToBlack
    Obviously most of this crap (if not all of it) is intended for JW consumption. Why else would you let someone like Lett do presentations? Does anyone know if the young JW's are even paying attention, perhaps from comments you have seen on other JW related forums? Who is really watching this stuff (except us)?
  • wifibandit
    I actually prefer the cart. They're scrapping the bottom of the barrel this soon? Blech!
  • Pistoff


    I actually prefer the cart. They're scrapping the bottom of the barrel this soon? Blech!

    I agree, much catchier tune; the emo attempt missed.

  • respectful_observer
    That guy must not be very good at his job if he can't keep up with the workload. Maybe he should've invested in a little extra education.

    Once again the WTS implies that white collar jobs (read: jobs requiring a 4-year degree) will cause you to miss meetings. Every time a WTS publication talks about the danger of your secular work interfering with spiritual activities, the accompanying illustration is always of a white collar worker. They never show the self-employed roofer who has to skip the Sunday meeting to get that roof on in time, or the plumber who spends every other Saturday doing side jobs to collect a little extra cash on the side.

    They seem to forget that the average white collar worker has no problem taking a paid day off to attend the Friday session of the convention, or never have to worry about working on the weekend instead of service, the meeting, or an assembly. Or that, since most white collar jobs are salaried, there's no incentive to work overtime for extra pay on a meeting night.

    I would challenge anyone to find even one illustration or photograph in WT literature that shows someone putting their blue collar job ahead of spiritual activities.

  • freemindfade

    I have seen it presented that the Greek "unlettered and ordinary" meant illiterate. They just want witnesses to be like those folks. And then if they need to write a bible book like those "illiterate" guys did, it will be a miracle!!

    And I, as well as others here I am sure, can agree, this view of hard work is portrayed for the reason of giving witnesses a reason to judge each other. In other words "he's not at meeting, he works pretty hard, he's a sinner" that in turn makes them fear recieving the judgement they are heaping on others. Its a cycle of F.O.G. I say I need to miss meeting for work stuff, but it's not really true, I just want to kill myself sitting through another ever mind numbing "beeting". So work becomes a nice excuse, I am sure that is why most of us faders do that, no one is really working lol. Just a "Get out of meeting free card".

  • crazyhorse

    What a boring video. Ugh . eww

    This is just crazy and backward.

    How are people going to buy iPads and stuff to read if they dont get educated to get good jobs. Especially in Africa and other less developed nations. Smh.

    As the world keeps on moving forward, "Jehovah's chariot " keeps on retreating .

  • Powermetal4ever
    I wanna hear a metal song, this music doesnt speek to me at all
  • cappytan


    Cappy- Can you leak the whole thing?

    I only have access to the 480p version.

    Here's a link:

  • freemindfade
    That will be next to show the kids how hip they are, except instead of metal, its gonna be some Scott Stap/Creed stuff.
    Then the eyes will roll
    I am prophesying this today!

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