Circuit Overseer's Cars - Anybody got the answers?

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  • Splash

    FastJehu has described where the branch profits, on the end of contract sales.

    The CO submits his mileage to the visited congregation each week and they vote and approve the paying of his fuel and other expenses so he has no motoring related costs to pay for himself.

  • jhine

    So do these people work to support themselves ? a previous comment about tentmaking indicates that they do not . So does the WT support them financially ? Are they in effect paid clergy ?


  • Oubliette

    Splash: Divided into 85 cars = £17,000 per car. Vauxhall Astra's start at about £15,500. Then there's the insurance and service costs over 4 years.

    I'm pretty sure if you were to buy 85 cars you'd get a significant discount. It's called Fleet Sales.

    Another thing. The WTBTS doesn't necessarily have to make a huge profit on this. But notice that the Society has a large number of activities going on in which they profit: cars for COs, hotels for conventions, purchase of equipment for broadcasts in the congregations, and of course the biggest money maker: their real estate activities!

  • 88JM
    That's not to mention there are a fair few temporary/trainee C.O.'s around at the moment who use their own cars anyway until they're appointed permanently.
  • Divergent
    Whatever happened to "keeping your eye simple"???
  • ToesUp

    Let them drive their cars until the wheels fall off, like most of us hardworking rank and file members have to do.

  • Oubliette
    Again, why don't the COs make tents and pay for their own damn cars like the rest of us? I think the GB boys should get with this program too! - Acts 18:3
  • jhine

    Oubliette ,so are you saying that these guys don' t work ? If so how do they live ?.


  • sir82

    I neither believe the Org can purchase cars at that price

    In the USA, cars for COs are leased. 4235 is in the ballpark for a year's worth of lease payments + maintenance & insurance.

  • JunkYardDog
    the wt owns a co. named circuit leasing it a car dealership. look it up

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