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  • kid-A

    Emotions dont "begin" with values. They are generated by a complex interaction of our internal neurophysiological and biological dispositions which are determined prenatally, from our genetic makeup. We have very little control over this as thousands of published papers in the fields of neurogenetics and behavioural physiology have demonstrated: our range of emotional reactivity is simply a pheotype derived from our unique genotype. Obviously our specific environments act within this circumscribed genetic range, but the simple point is, emotional reactivity is largely controlled by factors outside our conscious awareness.

    VALUES are merely the result of conditioning, and developmental periods of positive and negative reinforcement provided by parents, siblings, peers, and society in general. It is the ACT of reinforcement (either positive or negative) that ELICITS the emotional association with the specific belief or behaviour being "conditioned". Emotions are simply the essential subtext to the formation of a value, as we would not develop a particular "belief" or "value" if it failed to have an emotional "core" attached to it, regardless of what that emotional meaning may be.

    The spectrum of emotions have evolved over millions of years of hominid evolution in response to specific environmental forces which has led to the development of a complex system of emotional processing and regulation within the human brain.

    A simplified neurocogntive-emotional circuit: Ventral tegmental area (Dopamine neurons) >>> send emotional neuronal signals to the AMYGDALA>>>>which then transmits the "combined" conditioned association between emotional information and its sensory meaning to >>>> the PREFRONTAL CORTEX where we form a conscious perception of this specific information within its "emotional context"......We can learn to control this to a limited extent by inhibiting the amygdala through descending input from the cortex, BUT, what is largely beyond our control is the emotional information being transmitted through the dopamine inputs and which are taking place at the SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL......(to which we have no access).

  • RAF

    Kid-A you're getting very technical on this

    but from that :

    Emotions are simply the essential subtext to the formation of a value, as we would not develop a particular "belief" or "value" if it failed to have an emotional "core" attached to it, regardless of what that emotional meaning may be.

    That's why to get informed or analyse an emotion we have to check our values to beging with ...

  • Twitch
    But I've come to realize that a big part of all this, perhaps even the biggest part, is that I was never "given" those emotional tools to begin with--not insofar as that the WTS denied them to me, but because my parents (especially my father), were unable to give to me what they themselves did not have. They've told me that themselves, and apologized...though my response, and my feeling now is, that they can't be blamed for not giving me something that they didn't have in themselves. Nevertheless, the combination of being raised a JW and being raised by "defective" parents combined to make me what I am today: severely emotionally deficient (if you take my meaning).

    To this I relate. I felt that so much about learning the "social ropes" in various circumstances, be it at work, with friends or in romantic relationships, had to be done on my own with no guidance from the parental units and a lingering emotional handicap from dub life. Of course, some things you learn the hard way and all this was amplified upon exiting the org and entering the real world. Not uncommon here no doubt.

    I hated them and the dubs for a long time, blamed them for leaving me at the bus stop with no change, lol. A turning point was when I realized that I can no longer blame them for what I am now. Same for the dubs. This is my life and I make the choices. They both made me in many ways but I am now more than that, closer to the person I want to be. And I like me. Imperfect jerk that I am,....;-)

    I know they did their best to the best of their ability and knowledge. They did better for me than their parents did for them by far (won't go into that here) but suffice it to say they had strength and character enough to survive and prosper, relatively. And my trip is not that much different from theirs was. Ahh, the circle of life, sins of the father, etc. Much of what I am is due to them and I attribute the good traits now instead of the bad. I own both of course. And they're no better or worse than me. Misguided perhaps, but human all the same. And I love them, even if we don't agree on stuff.

    Anyways. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Just sayin' I kinda know where you're coming from.

  • restrangled

    Here is my simple explanation of emotions, and I do not disagree with the original poster, its just my opinion that sometimes things are over analyzed.

    Our emotions are what make us human. Animals don't have this ability but react to us regarding our emotions.

    We are unique in this area. Its what contributes to the love of our favorite music, art, the people around us, our favorite meals, who we are attracted to, what movies we enjoy, the colors we love, the pets we adore, the spouses we choose, etc., etc., etc.

    Some react to emotions more strongly than others. Those that tend to rely on emotions also tend to be the artists in our world.

    Just my 2 cents. (Feel free to rip this to shreds)


  • anewme

    Ha! "fee free to rip this to shreads!

    You are funny Restrangled!! Who would rip some sweet person to shreds when they are spilling their guts and emotions and heart out to help clarify a point?

    It happens I know.

    One thing I learned when I left the borg is to LIGHTEN UP!



  • trevor

    Terry provides a wake up call for all those who are confused and have have lost 'their grip,' 'the plot,' and can't rise above confusion and frustration.

    This approach is not the whole answer to the complicated relationship between reasoning and emotion but it is darn good place to start. It shows the value of taking responsibility for our emotional state of mind and realizing that we have far more control than we realize.

    Coupled that with the ability to consciously switch of the powerful motor of the mind, when it overheats, and we have a winning formula.

  • restrangled

    Thanks Anewme,

    I am sure there are many that would like to shred what I wrote and thats ok, but I will insist that any musicians among us are not basing there muisc on logic, but their strong feelings, ie based on emotion.....not a bad thing.


  • Twitch
    any musicians among us are not basing there muisc on logic, but their strong feelings, ie based on emotion.....not a bad thing.


    And when it's on, I'm connected and it just happens. In the moment.

  • proplog2

    List all the emotions you can think of - they can all be reduced to just four.

    Love - Rage - Fear - Curiosity

  • Terry
    For example, the many who suffer from anorexia and bullimia and fibromyalgia and other auto immune disorders in the borg may be suffering a form of body rebellion. What do you think Terry?

    The reason I say this is from my own experience, so much ill health disappeared after leaving the Borg.

    The "Why" of a feeling is tricky business! Not only do you have the feeling itself; you have the way you interpret the feeling.

    Getting rid of ill health can mean disconnecting from contradictory belief, certainly.

    There is such a thing as making yourself sick by how you are thinking.....up to a point. Where that point is---I just don't know.

    Maybe it is like standing in a boxing ring and not keeping your guard up---life punches you square in the puss.

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