Ridiculous teenager counselled at Assembly.

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  • hillary_step


    Just thought I would bring this thread to the top for you.

    Yes, it can be quite frustrating when interesting threads get buried so quickly, but it is all in the title.

    Human nature, especially on JWD, dictates that threads which are titled : 'Giant Martian Pig Discovered By NASA' will have very few views, whereas those entitled 'Giant Martian Pig Has Anal Sex With NASA' will have 25,000 views per day. 'Ridiculous Teenager Counselled At Assembly - Then Gets Tattoed On Penis', might make the grade too.

    Learning to swear like a New York drunk and hating Simon helps of course.

    Take care old friend - HS

  • Crumpet

    Ahem - Hillarystep:

    am i allowed to try and guess the town?

    It sowed the embryonic seeds of a major UK politician,

    Would it be the blind one by any chance?

  • anewme

    I too was counseled for clapping too loud by my elder husband. He may have been right, for many times the people in front would look behind to see who was clapping so loud. My hands just come together and make a loud sound. It was depressing to have to stifle my zeal after a particularly inspiring talk. But I learned to just pitty pat my hands together and smile.

  • hillary_step


    No, not the 'blind one', though they bat for the same team and are of a very different background.


  • loosie

    That was funny. They should have been gla dyou were clapping at all. I would have just stopped all to gether after that counsel.

    Can anybody match this for a bizarre piece of counsel?

    I was counselled by a brother in the back room ALONE!!!!!! I had just given a talk in the back hall. I wore a cotton sun dress. It was summertime in CA. He said I shouldn't waer formal dresses to give talks. He couldn't tell a formal dress from a sundress!!!?!?!?!?! Geez I wonder if he noticed when he wife did a little something different?

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