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  • SpaWn of MeDusa
    SpaWn of MeDusa

    Hello all : ) : ) : )

    I can't find the POST A PHOTO thread on here due to the blonde chemicals in my brain...

    Oh & my little yellow rectangle thing is on fire ???

    I'd like to know more about everyone, hobbies, what we like doing for fun, what we do for a living, how many children do we have, what cars do we drive, anything else we do thats interesting...

    That'd be kool...

    BTW Dad came over & spent an hour or so reading here - he was pretty interested !!

    Ciao Meow

  • heretic

    Yep, reading your posts, Im very sorry about your situation especially the lack of love as a child when its so important, your definately not alone, crumpet is in the same boat with some extreme shunning being slung her way along with alot of others here. Its amazing family members can do it especially where grandkids are involved. Im from central coast, were you around that area? Like you said theres alot that faded I constantly wonder where they all are?? Im surprised a few more dont end up here but oh well hopefully they are lurking. We have a few NSWelshman that meetup every now and then i think you and your bro and old man would love it.

    Theres some sites to see if you new to Exjw information try the archives of watchtower quotes, very good 'from their own mouth' sort of stuff.

    anyway speak soon!



  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Hi Jodie

    I'm so happy you found this site. Knowledge is power so the more you learn about the JW lies the better. Would love to hear from your dad too.

  • Crumpet

    BTW Dad came over & spent an hour or so reading here - he was pretty interested !!

    Ciao Meow

    Welcome to Jodie's lovely dad - hope you find lots to ponder and come and say hello when you are ready! You have a very cool daughter - but you already know that!

  • SpaWn of MeDusa
    SpaWn of MeDusa

    I just realised I never told you my Mother's & Sister's reasons ( from their own mouths ) for not being there for my Brother & I...

    When I asked why they treated us differently... My Sister said i t was to teach us a lesson - so that we would know what we were missing & those were her exact words...

    I just got home from dropping my Son off at the pool & who should we see while there... The Dragon Lady herself !! I feel sorry for my 28 yr old Sister who is handicapped & trapped...

    Seeing I have a little time up my sleeve, I might tell you about 'The Seige'

    Since my Parent's divorced my Dad had visitation... From 3-5 on Thursday's & 12-5 on Saturday's which he kept up altho a lot of the time he would go to pick the kids up & there'd be an excuse as to why they wouldn't be going...

    Anyway - we all grew up & went with our prospective parent... My Brother & I with Dad, my 3 Sister's with Mum altho one Sister never had a choice as she is handicapped...

    One Sister came to see Dad when she needed money for a car then didn't see him again after that...

    The other Sister Anna ( who is handicapped ) would still get to see Dad every now & then altho mostly it was excuses as to why she couldn't...

    About 2 years ago I was visiting Dad & we decided to pop around & ask Mum if Anna could come over for a visit as it had been ages since we had both seen her so we drove over & I went to ask... At first it was no & then it was ok but you have to bring her back in 15 minutes, I was like 15 minutes - thats crazy what can we do in 15 minutes - drive to Dad's house then turn around & come right back so I convinced her an hour which she begrudgingly allowed...

    So... We went over to Dad's & then my Brother Nathan shows up who lives about 3 hours drive away so well thought it would be nice to go out for dinner seeing we havn't seen him in a while... So we ring Mum to ask but no one home so we go out for dinner which is all good, we have a nice time & it's good to see everyone & catch up... On the way back from dinner Anna asks Dad if she can go live with him ( Anna is like about 26 years old ) so we stop the car to talk about it & decide ( because of her handicap that she might not realise what she really wants so maybe just stay overnight ) so we drive to Mum's to ask if Anna can stay the night & can we have her pyjama's please which she says no & won't give us her pyjama's... So we go back to Dad's ( Anna still wants to stay ) & we're having a cup of tea & watching tv when the phone rings... It is my Younger Sister on the phone all hysterical saying bring Anna back etc & not to make her angry to come over & get her... I tell her that Anna just wants to stay the night & whats wrong with that & she's all hysterical, I can see that I'm not going to be able to talk any sense with her so I hang up... The phone rings again & I say the same thing... A little bit later she rings again & tells me to walk Anna to the front driveway where people will be waiting for her... By this time I think Anna is worried about getting into trouble so she decides that she better go home even tho she says she still wants to stay so we decide when we finish our cups of tea we'll take her out to the front driveway... Anyway about 30 seconds after that my younger Sister starts pounding on the front door yelling to Anna to walk to the front door & we're like hang on she has to get her coat & her shoes ( it's winter ) & she's yelling Anna don't worry about your shoes just walk to the front door...

    Anyway so I say to Dad that I'll go with her as I'm not letting anyone think the wrong thing & that we were trying to hold her hostage or anything like that which is what they were acting like... When we get to the front of the driveway there are about 4 car loads of JW's waiting with arms wide open saying Oh Anna we're so glad you're safe... I was like listen to me this is what happened & explained to them Anna just wanted to stay the night & then I asked Mum to promise me that she wouldn't take what happened out on Anna & stop her from seeing Dad which she promised ( in front of everyone... )

    Anna & Dad havn't seen each other since that night which was about 2 years ago...

    I would dearly love to know how some of them sleep at night...

  • sass_my_frass

    Hi Jodie, glad to have you along! Might see you at a 'meetup' one day or something.

  • sass_my_frass

    :( what a wretched story, re the siege. Sounds like the kind of melodrama they like to create in their lives to pretend they're being persecuted.

    What kind of handicap does your sister have, physical, intellectual? How much can they control her?

  • SpaWn of MeDusa
    SpaWn of MeDusa

    Hi Sass - my sister is intelectually handicapped. When she was first born the Doctors thought she had Downs Syndrome but it became clear after a while that it wasn't because she looked like you & I. When she was a bit older they thought she had Fragile X but when they ran tests they discovered it wasn't that either & Mum decided not to worry about any more testing ( perhaps the most thoughtful thing she's ever done... )

    Anyway she is now on some sort of medication which is called Serenace which I think is to treat people with Tourette's Syndrome, Schizophrenia & other Psychotic Ilnesses...

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