OutKasted ;-P

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  • dedpoet

    Hi Jodie, and welcome to the forum

    You will certainly never be an outcast here.

  • Gregor

    Glad you found your way here. Best to you.

  • SpaWn of MeDusa
    SpaWn of MeDusa

    Ok - I've just done my photo thingy, just checking to see if it works ;-P

  • Kudra

    Hi Jodie- and welcome to you!

    I think you will find that there are a lot of ex dubs in Australia (at least it seems that way to me) and they always seems to be meeting up for parties and such...

    Hope you find everything you are looking for!


  • BlackPearl
    I feel really happy to have found a whole stack of people just like me : )

    Yes, there's a whole stack of us here, and then some. Wait till you get a chance to read some of their stories. Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry. But...we're so glad part of our community now.


  • Quentin

    BIG HOWDY from Texas...

    You'll enjoy time spent here...at the same time you'll learn a great deal about the wt and jw's...one good thing about this board is I don't think there is a question you can ask on any subject and not get an answer...a very large diverse group of folks post here and their just isn't any thing you can't ask that somebody doesn't know...glad you found the place...enjoy...

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Welcome. I hope you and your dad and brother are doing okay. That's horrible that he had to camp out because of shunning. I hope he is okay now. And you, too!

  • Crumpet

    Hiya Jodie

    You are no longer an outcast sweetie. There's a whole ot of reading to be done here where you will find out so much and be glad that you have the good fortune to have escaped. Believe me lots of the people here have made successes o their lives and some of us - like me (same age as you) are only just starting to find their feet.

    I dont know how far you are from Jwfacts who has also welcomed you to the board but he is a great help to many over there and has his own website where you can find my story under experiences - http://www.jwfacts.com/index_files/experiences.htm

    I also read that there is an apostafest - thats what we call our meet ups where we have a few drinks and share stories - sometime soon in Sydney - desskis and megsmomma who post here migfht be able to tell you more. And if you wana know what we all like try the recent Post a picture thread!

    Welcome to the board and I hope that the more you learn here the more you will feel in control of your own destiny - that you are not doomed, and that sometimes we have to make new families for ourselves because ours really are not worthy of us.

    crumpet x

  • bigmouth

    Gidday Jodie, from across the ditch. There's about 5 or 6 of us from here. (Not Blondie though, she's just a Kiwi wannabe)

    I hope you stay and get some emotional support. Let us know some more of your story.


  • SpaWn of MeDusa
    SpaWn of MeDusa

    Thank you so much Guys !!

    Crumpet, you are exactly right when you said sometimes we have to make new families for ourselves because ours really arn't worthy of us & that is what I have done... Well ofcourse I've kept my Dad & Brother ( he hee ) but I've replaced the others over time !!

    I had a lovely older next door neighbour, we used to both get out & do our gardening at the same time & have a chat. I've since moved but she still comes to see me whenever she's in town & we have a catch up. I nearly died one afternoon when we were having a coffee together & she started telling me about her first time ( it was really like a Mother/Daughter conversation... ) Yesterday I told her about my depression ( I had a bad bout about 2 weeks ago but have since gone back on the Happy Pills & am now feeling much better ) & told her why & she said that she always thought of me as a Daughter & that she would be my Mum !!

    My Best Friend's Mother & Father ( whom I have only known about 4 years ) are Grandparents to my children... My Daughter stays there whenever I need, they bought her a cot, clothes, bottles, formula, you name it, everything so that when she goes to stay it's already there... All I have to do is drop her off !! They take her on holidays, they love her to bits just like real regular Grandparents !! I am like their Daughter, at Christmas we all spend the day together & I am given the same gifts they give to their Daughter's ( their Daughter's have the same JAG watches, I have one too - we all have matching bracelets & that sort of thing... )

    On the other hand my real Mother is a cold fish... She never hugged or kissed me let alone told me she loved me... Heck she didn't even tell me about THE BIRDS & THE BEE'S... I was about 14 or 15 years old ( ok this gets a wee bit personal ) when I got my period for the first time & I had no idea what it was !! I thought I was dying, I really did !! I took Panadol to make it go away !! This is how close & comfortable I was in telling my Mother, I didn't tell her... Instead ( I think it was on the 2nd or 3rd day ) she forced me to go out witnessing even tho I was in some pain & very emotional & upset... So here I was out witnessing with another Sister & it was my turn to offer the Watch Tower & Awake... Well... I couldn't do it without breaking down, the poor lady at the door thought I was howling because the article featured was about starving children in Ethiopia or something like that - needless to say she bought the magazines... Afterwards the Sister asked me what it was all about & I told her... She must have told Mother because sometime after that she made me show her my underpants ( sorry if it's too much information... ) to prove that I actually had my period & then mumbled something about fish or tadpoles, handed me a packet of massive pads & that was the end of that...

    It's funny, the little things we remember... When I was out fishing earlier I didn't think I was going to come here & start telling people about my period !! LOL - but you know what... I don't feel at all uncomfortable for having told you guys : )

    ATM we are watching Meet The Fockers - hehhehehhe - very funny !!


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