OH, THE IRONY OF IT ALL.............Global Warming

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  • the_classicist

    The consensus provided to us by environmentalists is completely antithetical to logcial and disinterested scientific enquiry.

  • kid-A

    Whatever you say Warlock. 2000 published scientists MUST be wrong if Professor Warlock tells us so! LMAO....

    p.s. Hows the air up there and is their room for the classicist? LOL.....

  • Warlock


  • Kudra

    Warlock- have you heard of proxy reconstructions? Validation/calibration periods? Please look it up - it will explain the whole concept of reconstruction of past climate.

    Some recorded climate records go back to the 1600s in Europe. The most reliable records are natural archives such as tree rings: 8000 - 40,000 years of record, ice cores: almost a million years of record, coral records: thousands of years. ocean and lake sediment records: many millions of years.

    These are highly accurate and highly replicated from site to site around the globe. These records are dated and calibrated using multiple techniques.

    As for the claim that there are multiple explanations... care to offer what one might be?

    Using climate models with only natural parameters (solar, orbital and volcanic forcings) climatologists are able to accurately reconstruct climate over the period of record up until the industrial revolution. After that the models do NOT accurately reconstruct climate unless another parameter is added: additional warming in the amount which would be caused by the exact amounts of GHGs emmited since the industrial revolution.

    oh, and the_classicist... WTF???


  • Qcmbr

    Since when do we want stability in global conditions? How selfish! It wasn't settled climate conditions that created the Grand Canyon or the valleys of Scotland, the magnificent coastlines and mountainscapes all testify of destruction and change. Bring it on - life will evolve (apparently) and so will we.

  • Warlock


    When I have a chance, I'll look up your information.

    Look, I do appreciate the arguments on the other side of the issue, but when politicians want to save the world, then you better hide your wallet. If they truly had our interests at heart, they would be solving the real problems that humans face every day.

    Thank most of you for being decent about it.


  • exjdub

    Now, our friend 5go posted some links to an article that stated reliable temp records are only available back to about 1850. How can anyone HONESTLY base a whole theory as fact, with ONLY 157 years of data, when the earth is millions of years old?

    Another problem with the "scientific method" used for this theory is the conclusion reached, namely, that man is causing global warming. That is only ONE of the possibilities..........ONE.........out of how many that are possible?


    I do appreciate your perspective, although I disagree with it. However whenever I read one of your posts about it I always end up feeling uneasy about what you are saying. You may be right, mankind may not be the sole reason for global warming, but do you think that we might be contributing to it? If you think we are not contributing to it, what do you think is causing it? Saying that it is a "historical trend" does not cut it because the periods of warming that we have had previously have not been to the degree that we have now. If we are contributing to global warming, how much in your opinion?

    I always want to ask you when you comment on global warming: What are you trying to say when you refute claims that we are causing global warming? If you think about it, it doesn't harm us in the least to reduce, or eliminate, fossil fuels as an energy source. Fossil fuel pollutes and is running out, so what is the problem with recognizing that we may be causing harm to the environment and then changing it? Think about it. If you are wrong and we really are the major cause of global warming, and we choose to do nothing about it, we could bring the planet beyond it's ability to recover and we cease to exist. If you are right and it is just a historical trend, what do we lose by moving toward a society that uses alternative methods to live? Shouldn't we be doing that anyway? Doing nothing could doom us. Doing something about it, even if it is unnecesarry for the moment, does nothing except improve our future and the future of the planet. What is wrong with that? The only people that would have a problem with that is the oil manufacturers and the people who work for them...do you have a confession to make? LOL.


  • Mary

    Wasn't there a study released last week by some scientists that confirmed that global warming was in fact being caused by all the pollution we're spewing into the air?

  • free2beme

    Blame Canada!

  • Kudra

    oh, pish posh, Mary, that little thing...?

    It was only 6 years of work by 2500 scientists from 130 countries who study climate and it's causes and effects.

    Don't expect anyone to listen to THAT old thing...



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