Did Judas Kiss Jesus to identify him or to BETRAY him? All comments welcome

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  • needproof

    lol Mouthy, I told you that I cared ;)

  • mouthy

    < Needsproof.......((((HUGS))) This is to say I love you as a friend ....Not to identify you to the enemies

  • needproof

    Haha, im glad to hear that you won't be marching me off to the sanhedrin.

  • IsaacJS2

    I'm not a believer, but I think someone mentioned the Gospel of Judas. Wasn't that the one which suggested that Judas betrayed Jesus at Jesus' own request? If he came here to die, after all, then Judas actually helped him to fulfill his mission but at a terrible personal cost. I seem to remember that some thought Judas was his closest, best disciple--even his closest friend--and that the other accounts were simply meant to tarnish Judas' name out of jealousy. I don't know if that last part was in the actual gospel or if it was just suggested by scholars. Wasn't it a gnostic gospel?

    It's interesting in that Judas might have done this as an assignment given to him by Jesus, which eliminates most of the problems in the story. But I tend to doubt the that Jesus was a real person to begin with, so the question doesn't really grip me as it would a Christian.


  • free2beme

    Yes, but should he have slipped him the tongue?

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