What the Heck is the WTBTS up to!

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  • crazyblondeb

    I really can feel your pain. My mom did about the same with me. Only there was alot of drama. I was living in a place she gave me, then took it back.

    I can really feel the love, can't you!?!?

  • Virgochik

    I'm so sorry, looking glass! Please pamper yourself with whatever comforts you. A soak in the bubble bath, staring at the stars and pondering it all, or a glass of wine.

    I'm not da'd or df'd, but qf'd. (Quietly faded) like so many of us here. I hope to never experience this pain, because my parents are elderly, and may not have time to change their minds if they take a hard line. So far, so good, for now.

    Here's hoping she's real sorry, real soon.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    ((((((((looking glass))))))))

    I went through something similar, only your mom sounded alot nicer than mine!! She said some pretty nasty stuff. I couldn't believe how calm I remained (so totally NOT like me!)

    I told her it was her decision to end our relationship, not mine, my door would always be open, I would always be here. After a while, she came by, apologized and asked to put it behind us - and not talk about religion.

    In your response, keep the door open, let her know you will always love her, maybe she will come to realize what she has given up.


  • YoursChelbie



  • truthsetsonefree

    Its the flavor of the monthy with them to proclaim the imminent end and take a stand against family members. I hate that religion too.



  • JWdaughter

    My mom shunned me for a few months a few years ago when I challenged her too much about the religion (I don't rememger who started it, she brought up the org alot, mentioned stuff to my kids(vaguely) and I probably pushed harder than is wise about the WTS(her real god). So, eventually we agreed to call a truce (I think my dad made my mom agree to even talk to me-he was non jw and loved me unconditinally) which means I would not say anything about the WTS. In any case, that period of time was alluded to recently and she has totally re-written history in her own mind. She now tells me that "I just didn't like you". ~~~What?~~~What do I do with THAT??? She denies that the religion or its teaching had anything to do with her shunning of me. At the TIME, she was very clear in that she didn't think she should talk to me because of my anti-WT attitude. I wish I had kept the letters. So, for her, she never shunned me because of her religion. She just thought I was unlovable for a time. . . :) Ok. This conversation happened very recently and if I hadn't been stunned speechless, I would have challenged her about it at the time. But frankly, I am afraid she will start it up again and I don't want to deal with it. My dad isn't around to fix it anymore.

    I am sorry that you are going through this. I hope that some non-JW in her life recalls her to some sort of sanity. If you have any contact with family, mention her stance on this (in an informative way-so they understand the rift is one way and the reason for it). If she has any normal relatives, they will call her on the absurdity of it all. Good luck!

  • heathen

    I suppose they'll turn into a pillar of salt should they communicate with you . Unbelievable how grown people that raise you and all can just slam the door on you like that. The old Mathew 10: 34-37 I think is supposed to be about people so opposed to chritianity are the ones causing the family problems not the christians . Christians are supposed to be long suffering and forgiving and humble .

  • south african beef
    south african beef

    I feel everybodys pain on this thread.

    Ok, I was d'fd, but after a lifetime in the 'troof' my parents have totally cut me off. I really want to write to them regularly but I find that quite hard.They have never contacted me in any way except a short to the point reply to one of my letters, in the past five years.

    By the way, at my JC meeting I was told that I was about to sin against the 'spirit' and so there would be no way I would ever be allowed back into Jah's 'loving' organisation.

    What I've learnt since I've been out has confirmed any suspicions I had and I wouldn't go back anyway.

    All the best to everyone on here.


  • Mystla

    My sister sent me a letter along those same lines. I too was never df'd or anything, just faded out. But she found out about my BF and that was it, cut me off. She very kindly told me she was sorry my dog died (had happened the week before) in the same letter that she said she wanted nothing to do with me.

    That was 5 years ago. She eased up some after a bit and then acted like she had never sent the letter and we talk fine now. In fact we are seeing them next week and having dinner at mom's. Mom referred to the time period when we weren't talking the other day. She said she "just hated it when T**** and I weren't getting along" like I had had some choice in the matter.

    I'm sorry you are going through this. Give her some time, she will miss you and forget all about it.


  • heathen

    By the way, at my JC meeting I was told that I was about to sin against the 'spirit' and so there would be no way I would ever be allowed back into Jah's 'loving' organisation.

    exactly how did they define you sinning against the spirit? I would like to know the j-dub official answer.

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