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  • sandy

    I'm writing a letter to the org and I'm wondering what will happen if I send it. I make no mention of the dates of the events that took place back in 1999. I just wrote that I am in active and stubled. I also accuse the local elders and org of handling the situation wrong. I pretty much said that "Jesus Christ would never have handles the situation in such an unloving manner."

    Do you think they'll contact my former hall if I include the congregation's info. I specifically say not to. Part part of me really wants them to.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Every time I sent a letter to the society, they sent a copy to the elders in my congregation. I suppose they will do the same to you. Do you want the jws coming around to talk with you? Because this will be the most likely outcome.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I want to write them and ask why the "Bible Teach" book tells
    nothing of the FDS, the anointed, the Governing Body, or even
    a mention of the most important scripture to JW's- Matt. 24:45-47.

    If I write it, as a fader, I am just inviting trouble. My local elders
    will have to get answers about "What's my problem?"

    If it helps YOU, write them. Otherwise, don't bother.

    I was still on the BOE when a publisher wrote the GB to complain
    about a judicial matter. We got a copy.

  • willyloman

    Sandy: They will absolutely send your letter to your local elders and ask them to "handle" the "problem." That's the policy, and this is a policy-driven outfit.

  • skyking

    Why would you want them to put you back on their Radar?

  • sandy

    I kind of want them to try and contact me now. I'm finally strong enough to say "no thank you I no longer to wish to be a JW".

    But I want my family to know I have good reason for choosing this. They know of the situation and have doubts about the way the elders handled the judicial case against my abuser. They are just too afraid to voice their opinions.

    This way if I put it out there they may really stop and think . . . maybe, probably not. I only think one sibling will actually shun me. And there isn't much communication between us as it is.

  • Uzzah

    It might add more weight if you cc your local news channel and local papers with your letter. You can be guaranteed the Society will react to that.

    Service Desk will rarely take a position without at least discussing it with the local elders. You will likely get a form letter discussing how Jehovah's spirit directs things and is allowing your situation to continue to strengthen aspects of your faith that are lacking. It is never the congregations's fault!

    You will be encouraged to trust in Jehovah and his wisdom. While imperfect humans may make mistakes we can trust in Jehovah to settle all accounts. So keep studying, attending meetings and prayer. Jehovah will bring you peace of mind.

    The above rehtoric will be espoused. In other words, we have no idea what happened and don't really care a rat's ass about you. Pray and maybe it will get better but piss off

    Yep this is "god's organization"

  • Mary

    I'm with Uzzah. Unfortunately, the WTS doesn't give a rat's ass about the individual Witness and whether or not you were abused. They just don't care. The only thing that gets their attention is if one of the 'worldly' networks (run by Satan himself), starts nosin' around and asking questions.

    If you don't mind getting the Axe, then by all means send the letter. If you have a return address and ask them to reply, they may just spew the standard "Satan the Devil is trying to weaken your faith.....this is the only Organization God is using today......Armageddon is close.....don't lose out on everlasting life by letting yourself be stumbled, blah, blah, blah..." The only thing that gets them thinking, is when the new light of the media is suddenly glaring them in the eyes.

    You say the elders didn't handle the case right. I'll assume the man who abused you didn't get DF'd? (big surprise there eh?) Have you contacted the local police dept. and press charges? I guarantee you that will get the elders' attention in no time.

  • jwfacts

    Bethelites are at the core of the cult, and the hardest to reach mentally. Someone will read you letter, ho hum about it, dismiss it and then send it back to the very elders you had a problem with. If you want to reach your family why not send them a letter outlining how you feel?

  • pierogi

    Hi Sandy.

    I wrote a letter to the WBTS about the UN ordeal. Actually, an elder (the husband of a friend I told) told me to write down my question and he would help me find the answer. He assured me that there are no secrets in the organization. The funny thing is is that he never even heard about the UN thing. Anyway, (sorry if I'm rambling) my question turned into a letter. I showed it to the elder plus one more after a meeting. They read it and said that it was a good letter, but they didn't want to be a part of it. I asked why and they said that is a good question and never really gave me a good answer. They said that I could send it if I wanted to. I called bethel a week later asking if they got my letter and they looked me up and said that they already sent a response. It was weird because the guy I was talking to looked up my name and said that he thought he remembered reading my letter and he said that the response would answer my question and wouldn't be an automated response. So I was expecting to get a real letter in the mail. I told one of the elders that I called and what they told me. They said that they would be the ones to recieve the response. They told me to bring a notepad to take notes. I said, well I'll be able to read it, right? He said that it would depend on what they were instructed to do! I could go on and on about the conversation we had when they recieved the response, but it just gets me worked up. Definitely expect the elders to mediate between you the 'high and mighty'. I don't know, it may be different for you. The whole date of the destruction of Jerusalem is a really good question too. It just bothers me how the WBTS quote historians in the watchtower and book study books all the time, but then deny those same sources. They can't just pick and choose. I think that if what they say doesn't match up with historians, then they just need to revise their thinking. I think they know they are wrong, but they are not going to acknowledge it because without 607, there's no 1914.

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