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  • Angst

    As a Witness what occupation did/do you hold?

    I was speaking with a friend of mine that is a former Witness and we remarked about how many of us have worked in some sort of janitorial work.

  • joelbear

    I was in banking and am still in banking.

    my JW friends were in landscaping, insurance, retail sales, architecture, but I had no friends who were janitors.


  • RR

    Most of the witnesses I knew, worked as janitors, or had their own cleaning business.

    I had several jobs, worked at burger king, but mostly did office work as a temp. I did accounting and computers.

    Today I work as a Letter Carrier for the USPS.

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  • teenyuck

    As I grew up, I was told to become a secretary....this would hold me until the perfect brother came along to marry me and "take care" of me-then I could have kids and pioneer. I now have a B.S. in Business Management and a Paralegal certificate-no kids.

    Most of the "sisters" I knew growing up (in the 60's and 70's) did not work. The "brothers" were carpenters, truck drivers, funeral directors (two in one family), small business owners (carpet to meat distribution), one CPA (self-taught) and insurance salesmen. Since we lived in an area where many new immigrants came, we did have quite a few janitors. I cannot think of one doctor or attorney at the various congregations we attended.

    We attended 5 congregations in and around Chicago. My mother was a dissenter who would argue with the elders, get on the bad side of them and high tail it to a new congregation to "start over". She is now totally brainwashed (I think somehow they removed it) and will not dispute anything. Just a little background to give you my perspective.

  • Billygoat

    I'm currently in sales. Great money for little education! Never had a janitorial job, but did wait tables for many years. Of course, the brothers nor my parents liked it since the restaurant I worked at served alcohol. Sheesh. It was a mexican restaurant - not Hooters. (Not that I'd qualify to work there anyway! )


  • safe4kids

    LOLOL@Andi...((((hugs))) to ya girl!

    When I was a young adult JW, I worked in cleaning for several years...hated it!! Then I went into banking and was in that business until I had my first child...

    Now, as an ExJW, I am currently raising my two kids and going to school to be a social worker-wanted to be a psych major but it takes too long to get a degree that would do me any good in the work force!!
    I knew several witnesses who were in the cleaning business and the lawn business; most of em barely made ends meet.


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  • bboyneko

    I worked in a public library, now im a web designer

    .. http://www.bboyneko.com

  • Yerusalyim

    Never a Witness, but it seems I've always been a soldier. My ex-husband-in-law (my wife's ex) Is a skilled laborer (plaster worker). My wife did the Pizza Hut and McDonalds thing and banking too). She's now into Customer Service (Welcome to Wal-Mart). There are actually some soldiers who list themselves as JW, I wonder what the society thinks?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Rock star, brain surgeon, trans-dimensional physicist.

  • Patriot

    Was talked out of getting my masters in music.

    Was told exactly this : "Education is Satan's biggest scam in this system of things". (By an elder).

    Disappeared off the radar as I joined the Army, kicked Iraqi ass, came back and hit the meetings again. ha,ha,ha, they still don't know.

    Took a part time Building Superintendents position-still have it but went to school on the "DL".

    Now I'm part of the NYPD and laughing because as a super (which the elders told me would be best for me to be able to increase my hours) I don't pay rent or utilities !!

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