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  • Bridgette

    First, I am a mother :)
    And an administrative assistant to the manager of the Respiratory Therapy Department in a hospital (okay, so I'm a medical secretary) but it pays great, I've come a LOOOONG way from the poverty stricken days of the org (I married well the 2nd go round--love, great looks, and money--what can I say, I was only looking for the love part, and I got 'em all!) I am currently pursuing my bachelor's in Nursing. I plan to make nursing my career, and also use it in volunteer efforts as well.

  • mikepence

    I am also a computer programmer, and an aspiring writer and artist.

    Is it time to start an ex-JW computer programmer list yet?

  • HappyHeathen

    After reading this thread, I'm convinced JW's must clean the office buildings of the entire world! At least one brother in every congregation I was in owned a cleaning business (usually employing naive young brothers for slave wages and no benefits). But that's "Jehovah's way," isn't it?

    While in the borg, I worked for a finance company, then after my daughter was born, I stayed home and delivered throw-away papers for a few bucks (a true intellectual challenge, that was).

    Now I work for Northrop Grumman (aerospace contractor on the F-14 program) as a Manufacturing scheduler, love my work, and am thrilled to be supporting the defense of my country.

    I'm proud of all of you who went back to school! It's not easy.

  • jurs

    Before I became a witness I was a cocktail waitress in a casino. I also bartended. I started studying and quit my job and got baptized and became a stay at home mom. No regrets about that !!! Once my kids were in school all day I worked part time as a school bus driver and (gulp)....... I was the hot lunch lady . I DA'd myself in May and decided to go to cosmetology school . It was something I always wanted to do and now I don't have to feel guilty about pursuing something other than pioneering.

  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire

    While in high school loading trucks at night, after graduating HS, machinest, carpentry, and tree climber, most of my life as machinest with breaks here and there for more physical work out side when tired of indoor work and wanting more excercise.

    Now have my own machine shop and work by myself, I set my own hours work all different times day or night.

    If someone lived a trillion X longer than you, and had a billion X more reasoning ability would he come to the same conclusions as you?
  • larc

    D. Wiltshire,

    My father was a machinist. We lived in Akron, Ohio where most of the world's rubber companies were at that time. My father worked in small shops in the area that made rubber molds for the rubber industry. For those of you that can't see the image, picture a waffle maker, where you pour in the batter and cook it and out comes a waffle. Rubber molds work in a similiar fashion.

    I told you that to tell you this. My father loved his work, and would often come home and tell my mother about a challenge he had figuring out how to make a particular product. I got the love of work from him by listening. He never preached the work ethic. I learned it by his example.

  • hillbilly

    Got real lucky---went to a good high school that required learning. Read alot on the sly. self educated in many subjects and 'isms" .
    Pop was self employed as a builder. Learned several skills from him.

    Got into the electric trade- ended up working as a lineman for a major utility company. Now in training and managment for the same industry.

    other jobs-
    Radio, on- air talent

    Would like to be:
    Nuclear gynecologist
    Indian scout
    Cowboy or Indian
    Radio talkshow host

    If you can see you will be it.....

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