Brother prince...

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  • thebiggestlie

    hehe Prince just performed bob dylan's classic "all along the WATCHTOWER" at the super bowl halftime show. You think he was counting his time. If he performs next year how many RV's would that be?

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    So lame.

    He should have humped his guitar and gotten it over with...why drag this out?

    yeah what the heck was that all about All Along the Watchtower, he didn't even sing all the lyrics

  • thebiggestlie

    Yeah i know... it was a rather weak performance to say the although i can't say i'm a very big "fan" so i guess i'm biased. What was up with his giant taw-cross-esque symbol thing. I thought he stopped using that a while back. maybe that's his little way at giving the WTS the old bird :)

  • Honesty
    yeah what the heck was that all about All Along the Watchtower, he didn't even sing all the lyrics

    It was for the dubs.

    Tuesday night at the Book Study they can all OOOOOH and AAAAH about how Prince mentioned their idol.

  • thebiggestlie

    The watchtower has always seemed to be on par with god to me. Ever since i was a kid it seemed like a quote form the watchtower or a publication was equal to the word of god.... it always bothered me because whenever they were wrong then they just pass it off as an honest mistake.... sigh well at least now they have a spiffy prince-ified theme song to hum while walking door to door.....

  • wednesday

    that one guitar is a huge phallic symbol

    he he

  • loosie

    ok I like Prince, have since I was a girl. In fact I remember when I was 16 watching Purple Rain in the theater I said to my best friend next to me If we could bring into "the truth" I'd marry him...lmbo he is in and now I am out. lmbo

    I couldn't get enough of that unpronouncable pagan symbol, his stage was in the shape of it his guitar was in the shape of it. I mean come on standing on a pagan symbol and singing about the watchtower... it doesn't get anymore ironic than that.

    Now you know if any one of us went itno a the KH wearing that pagan symbol on our skirt or tie we would hauled in the back room quick like.

  • mrsjones5

    so because he has a big phallic symbol as a guitar does that mean he has a big...uh...oh nevermind

  • professor

    I was at a cafe where they had the sound down during halftime so I couldn't hear if he praised Jehovah at all. Doing All Along the Watchtower seems like kind of a diss to the Society, though.

  • becca1

    I agree that his guitar resembled a phalic symbol. Also, when he has under that undulating tent, the shadow of prince and the guitar looked like the classic representation of the devil (pitchfork and tail).

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