Brother prince...

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  • R6Laser

    In case most of you haven't realized, Superbowl Half Time shows have been pretty bland since the Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson waldrobe malfunction.

  • Seeker4

    I've never been much of a Prince fan, though I respect that he's an amazing talent. I've got to say that his halftime Superbowl show was probably one of the best they've ever had, and the NYTimes today totally agreed.

    It was odd, choosing All Along the Watchtower as one of the several bits of covers he did during the performance. If he's still a "strong" JW, he must have no idea that hardcore Witnesses would be put off by that.

    And I totally disagree that he's in any way past his prime and playing to an aging audience. His last CD and tour were among the biggest and best of his career, with huge critical praise.

    And hey, that's not a phallic symbol, that was his NAME for several years, don't ya remember?? During his "artist formerly known as" days!! LOL.


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