Do you have to get baptized to be saved?

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  • Junction-Guy

    Oh ok then, thanks for clarifying that. I dont know alot about the COC teachings other than the exclusivity and the baptism requirement.

  • Honesty
    God is trying to find any excuse to let you into Heaven.The JWs believe that God is trying to find any excuse to destroy you.

    What a loving arrangement the Watchtower Society teaches.

    Baptism can't save anyone.

    Is it necessary? Not according to Scripture.

  • AuldSoul

    If Cornelius or a member of his household died just after being baptised with spirit (Acts 10 {Acts 11 calls the anointing a baptism by spirit}) and before being baptized with water (Acts 10) would the person have been saved?

    The account of Cornelius demonstrates that water baptism is not absolutely necessary for anointing to occur, even according to the Bible.

    The Scripture in Peter did not specify which baptism saves. But, Jesus did specify (repeatedly as recorded in the book of John) that it is the spirit which saves.


  • Junction-Guy

    thanks for your input AuldSoul. I believe Baptism is important, and something that should be done, but I also believe in the practicality of applying that. The bible verse says that he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned. I take from this to mean that believing is much more important than the act of baptism. I believe that once you are saved that God will keep you until you are baptized. People that are in life and death situations dont always have the opportunity to get baptized, an example would be 9/11.

  • MinisterAmos

    Maybe tomorrow I'll find the WT quote that describes how not even all the JWs qualify for the big prize.

    Of course you need to be a JW to even be in the running according to them......

    According to Jesus your acts will qualify or disqualify you. NO need to be any particular religion.

  • moomanchu

    No, I just asked God and he said "No you don't need to be baptised to be saved".


    The evil doer along side Jesus!!

    Did they take him down and baptise him before he died?

    I don’t think so.

    This is one of the few people that is guaranteed a place in paradise, guaranteed by Jesus himself even though he was not baptised.


  • Junction-Guy

    Dang Kaytee that's a good one i hadnt even thought of.

  • LittleToe

    Christian Baptism isn't the act of joining an individual into a denomination. It is a Christian ordinance that signifies your place in the body of Christ (see Amazing's thread on the church to see that this isn't limited to just one group). As such it doesn't matter where you get it done, though it is usually better to do it where people know you at least a little. How it is done is similarly unimportant, though some denominations make a big thing about this. They will usually accept each others' baptisms, though. The denomination I attend will accept RC baptisms, even though they have a general antipathy to the RCC.

    I was baptised as soon as possible after leaving the JWs, a little over five years ago. It was by sprinkling. I've not had any problem with anyone saying that it wasn't acceptible because it wasn't in a swimming pool, not even by Baptists. The examples of Cornelius and the theif on the cross are great examples of its lack of salvic qualities, as others have stated.

    As such any Christian can probably perform it, though it is usually left to the clergy as they get more practice and so are less likely to drown you

    Some denominations talk about a special second blessing by the Holy Spirit, and talk about it in terms of a baptism. They are usually of the Charistmatic branch of Christianity, and some are particularly way-out. All I can say to that is that not eveyone has a "Damascus Road" experience. I did myself, and also experienced this "second blessing" well before I ever stepped foot inside a church and got baptised with water. However I'm well aware that for many such experiences appear wholey unnecessary.

    Simply put, keep it simple. A quick sprinkle to the formula "in the name of..." is the minimum that is asked of a Christian, and even the exact words are a minor issue. Like most things spiritual, it's intent over content...

  • avidbiblereader
    The Witnesses say that you have to get baptized to be saved, but what will happen to JW children that aren't baptized or JW teens that didn't get baptized yet?

    What about the rest of the world?

    I do believe that a person must be baptized for salvation as this is a command from Christ and he did it as we are to follow his footsteps but the conclusion of the matter to me is found at

    Gen 18:25 It is unthinkable of you that you are acting in this manner to put to death the righteous man with the wicked one so that it has to occur with the righteous man as it does with the wicked! It is unthinkable of you. Is the Judge of all the earth not going to do what is right?”

    That is what I trust in, a righteous judge who will do what is right and who are we to stop it anyway?


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