Do you have to get baptized to be saved?

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  • free2beme

    What I was told, and I think this is in line with their thinking.

    If you are to young to be considered to be able to make a stand for yourself, then you are under your parents umbrella of baptism. If you are old enough, to make a stand, then baptism is a must. What age that is, is depending on the local laws. Which is interesting.

  • A-Team

    RAF, What you are discussing is the 2nd baptism, as most call it....Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I say, personally, less then 10% of all confessing Christians have actually been Baptized in the Holy Spirit for various reasons. JWS don't do it because must of them claim that they are not anointed for such. I can say that the Church of Christ don't even believ that he is still on yea, OK. Naturally, you cant have what you don't believe in.

  • plmkrzy
    The Witnesses say that you have to get baptized to be saved, but what will happen to JW children that aren't baptized or JW teens that didn't get baptized yet?

    They also teach you must be baptized in a swimming pool of water, rather then Holy Spirit, at an assembly.
    I remember many years ago when my parents were upset after coming home from a meeting that basically announced a timeline for children to get baptized. It was "suggested" that at the age of 12 or 13 a child should be able to make up his/her own mind about salvation and should be pushed into the pool incase Armageddon gets here before their 13th birthday…basically.

  • veradico

    What do you mean by "saved" through baptism? Do you mean we have original sin (whatever that means) due to the actions of others (Adam and Eve) and that through faith (whatever that means) in the action of another being (Jesus/God, being sacrificed/sacrificing) and perhaps in various other doctrines (let's hope the accidental and arbitrary events of life have conspired to make you aware of and convinced by the right ones) followed by baptism (getting splashed with or immersed in some water) the sin is forgiven (whatever that means)? I'm afraid I have trouble with the whole system.

  • Junction-Guy

    A Team, please elaborate on what you just mentioned about the Church of Christ. Im kinda confused about that.

  • A-Team

    There is a denomination known as the Church of Christ. They have somewhat similar beliefs like the JWs (everyone is wrong but them,Baptismal by water saves you, I cant go to your church because it isn't a Church of Christ church, etc.) They do not believe that Salvation is of Works, only 144K will make it in heaven, or any of the major doctrines that JWS believe . One of the major issues i have with this denomination is that most of them do not listen to any minister that isn't a CoC member. My cousin constantly blast my Pastor every time I'm around him. You know how nausianting that can be when you done heard it for 10-15 years.

  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks A Team, what I was asking about was your statement that the COC doesnt even believe he is still on earth. I dont get that point. Im a Baptist and dont believe he is still on earth, simply because he was resurrected to heaven. Please explain that to me.----------------You are right about the COC though, they do have an "us only" attitude. I have a cousin in the COC, but lately she has softened up a little and now believes that other people from various denominations are saved too. She wishes I would join the COC, but I prefer FWB much better.

  • inbyathread

    Taken from the 6-15-2004 WT lowlights of the gilead graduation talks

    Next, Gerrit Lösch, a member of the Governing Body and a graduate of the 41st class of Gilead, developed the subject "Publishers of Salvation." (Isaiah 52:7) For people to be physically saved when the present system of things is destroyed, they must take in accurate knowledge from God’s Word, make public declaration of their faith, and get baptized.

    BTW I'm still waiting for an answer to my letter on this subject.

  • BrentR

    I got baptized to shut everyone up and to look like better "hubby material" to some of the chicks. Niether reason worked very good but I had to at least try. That's all a steer can do is try.

  • A-Team

    They don't believe the Holy Spirit is on Earth.

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