Stupid Americans

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  • IsaacJS2

    Another thing is that it's really boring to put average, sensible people on the news. Normal people just going about their business just isn't news worthy. Crazies, weirdos, and morons are.

    I agree with the comment about we Americans being insular. We aren't surrounded by numerous countries like most European nations, so the drive to learn other languages is less because we need those skills less often than others would. (That's another stereotype) From what I understand, our educational system is different from that of other nations who just plain do it better. I don't know how true that is, but there was a small movement back in the 90s to change it.

    Still, while I find a lot of the stereotypes unfair, I will agree that there's a lot close minded people over here. That stinks.


  • Mackin

    Lighten up guys. Learn to laugh at yourselves.

    And for the record, I'm not an Australian, I'm a Kiwi, it was just an Aussie video.


  • Norm

    Being ignorant isn't the same thing as being stupid. If you are very ignorant you might seem stupid but it is two separate things.
    I don't think the US population has an above average percentage of stupid people, it might have an above average percentage of ignorant people. Then again this will depend on what you define as important knowledge. It seems as though many americans have very little knowledge about other nations, geography and international politics. Unfortunately all of this has come to the fore in the socalled "leader of the free world" which seem to be holding his incredible ignorance about everything before him like a banner.

    In general is seems like the bigger the country, the less is the interest in what is going on in the rest of the world.

    There are some really funny and quite caracteristical common phenomenons that you encounter with many US citizens and that is their habit to declare themselves "proud" of the strangest things. Like "proud" of being an American which for most is a total matter of chance. How anyone can be proud of being of any nationality is beyond me as you usually don't have much say in where you are born. Another common and quite irrational statement you often hear is that "I love my country, it's the best in the world, I wouldn't live anywhere else"
    Such statements might not be a sign of stupidity but they sure make people seem extremely arrogant and silly.

    As most of the US population don't even own a passport and some haven't even been out of the state they live in they do of course not have any idea whatsover of how it is to live in another country and which one is the "best in the world". I can assure the US participants here that the US is nowhere near being the best country to live in, it is far down on that list both statistically and otherwise. That said I wouldn't have any problems living in the US, it is not a bad place to be, but there are so many countries that is a far better place in most respects that counts for it's citizens. I mean just to mention one, how about free healthcare?
    Travel is usually a very good way of discovering such simple and pretty obvious facts and actually living somewhere else or spending longer periods in other countries will soon teach you a thing or two you might not know.

  • Robdar

    Lighten up guys. Learn to laugh at yourselves.

    And for the record, I'm not an Australian, I'm a Kiwi, it was just an Aussie video.

    What was your purpose in posting this thread? What was your purpose in giving it the title "Stupid Americans?" If anything you were hoping to piss us off.

    Don't come around here posting this sort of thread and not expecting us to take umbrage.

    Why not post a thread showing us how stupid "Kiwis" are? Then we might all have something to laugh about.

  • caligirl

    I'm as entertained by Jay Leno's "Jaywalking" segment as the video that was just posted (it is funny to see someone make a fool of themselves on a superficial level) , but I also know that video's like that are edited to leave out the those that could answer the questions with no problem (which was likely the majority) and keep only those few that couldn't answer because they provide the best entertainment.

  • skyking

    Watched weeks ago laughed the first time.

    But I'll bet y our country is just as clueless

  • stillajwexelder

    I guess citizens of other countries think that all Americans are fat and stupid because they've watched the Jerry Springer Show. Imagine my surprise and aggravation the first time I walked into a pub in Wales and saw all the locals watching Springer.

    And there are McDonalds in almost all towns -and many othe rAmerican shows are watched -American Culture is everywhere. Oh and by the way - if anyone wants a look at the best Universities in the world (compiled by the Chinese by the way so not biased) in the top 25 there are 22 American Universities and 3 British - I think that says a lot

  • wednesday

    It is harder for the average American to visit other countries and be a world traveler. (money) the USA is a big country and most Americans have not even seen their own country.

    My son was in the military he got to see many countries and visit them. He was stationed in Germany, so he got to travel and see a lot.

    If France was a close as say, Texas to Arkansas, I'd have been there too.

  • coffee_black

    It always amazes me how people who view themselves as tolerant, and enlightened can display such utter ignorance.

    When you make blanket statements degrading any group of people it is evidence of bigotry. You'll find good and bad in any group of people. If you believe the stereotypes, you've been sold a bill of goods.

    As my mom used to say, "you have a lot to learn."


  • lawrence

    God bless America, land that I love
    Stand beside her and guide her
    Through the night with the light from above
    From the mountains To the prairies,
    To the ocean white with foam
    God bless America, My home sweet home.

    Irving Berlin, 1918; revised 1938

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