Is there any bitterness between you and the one who brought you to the Org.

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  • leftbelow

    Well he left (appostate) many years ago and of course like a good JW I shunned him. I really wish I could find him and tell him how sorry I am for being suuch a dork he was a good friend.

  • dedpoet

    The jw who I studied with sexually abused his daughters, and is now serving a well - deserved jail sentence. I don't know if he feels any bitterness towards me, but I feel a certain amount towards him, in that because of his hypocrisy I sat next to a paedophle in the kh and even invited one into my home. He will apparently be welcomed back to the kh when he is released from prison, but can expect a somewhat differrent reception if he ever visits me.


  • sspo

    Not at all.

    My teacher truly beleived the Watchtower teachings .

    Hhis marriage fell apart because his wife did not accept the "truth".

    He was brainwashed as all of us were at one time.

  • jaguarbass

    My mother raised me from birth as a JW. During my teen years she had various older pioneer brothers study with me. It was forced. I graduated high school in 72. I wanted to go to college in fact my grand parents who were not witnesses set asside plenty of money for me to go to college. The witnesses told me to further my education was wrong. There would be no need for educatioin in the new order which was comming in 75. So I got married because at least I wanted to have legal sex. I bought several cars with the college money I pioneered for a year became a ministeral servant gave hour talks on Sunday and I didnt realize something was wrong till January of 76. The society started backpeddaling immediately during which time my zeal and enthusiasm began to wane. By 83 I had seen enough, and heard enough. I never went back. My wife stayed in till 93. When she left she started celebrating all the holidays full tilt. Thats her major watchtower sin.

  • 95stormfront

    I don't have any ill will towards the elder I studied with as I was at a witness gathering with my wife at the time and I,(kicking myself in the head now) asked to study with him. After I was baptised, he'd promptly abandoned studying with me any further and tried to "kick me" to finish my second book with a brother who'd just been re-instated. Last I heard, he'd moved to a different part of the city and has since moved back to the congregation he served in when I was studying with him and is now in ill health. Arthritis, Gout, Cardio Pulmonary problems......the list goes on and on.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    No real bitterness. I just wonder why they would just skip a doctrine that I could not totally agree with and say I would understand later. Also, we didn't become friends. As soon as the study was over, so was our relationship. I certainly didn't realize the whole scope of control invoved in the religion when I got baptized.

    But I too brought people into this mess and did it with no ill intent. I thought I was giving them a chance to win the lottery of everlasting life in a paradise. I didn't realize I would come to disagree with everything the jws stand for.

  • SacrificialLoon

    I was raised as a witness, but I did study with a MS before I was baptized, he and his wife were good people if a bit misled. I don't hold any ill will towards anyone I know that's still in, they are human like me and have their failings.

    IMO to blame others for my mistakes is to deny my own weaknesses, and risk failing again. Others did have a role in misleading me, but I realize that I was capable of doing the exact same thing, and thought it was the right thing to do. So to forgive myself I have to forgive others.

    Although being brainwashed doesn't excuse the abuse that's occurring in the society. I feel the need to clarify that I don't think that should be forgiven.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Not at all. It wasn't her fault that she was teaching me falsehoods, she believed them herself. She doesn't speak to me now I've left, which maybe isn't her fault either as she is still duped, but I have no bitterness towards her for that either.

  • willyloman

    None of the people responsible for me in my formative dub years will have anything to do with me. They have my number. Members of their family interact with my grown children and they all know we stopped going to meetings more than 3 years ago but are not DF'd or DA'd. Not one phone call. Fascinating!

  • Gordy

    In my case there were two involved.

    The first one, back then, was a JW young guy, who used to speak to a friend of mine. Who in turn used to tell me, that got me interested. Met the JW and he arranged for me to meet an Elder. Eventually had study etc. Over the years the first JW guy moved to a different congregation in the area, and I only saw him at assemblies. Then about a month ago I saw him. Where did I see him in the Pentecostal church I am now attending, he was there at a Sunday morning service!! He was across the otherside of the church, don't think he saw me. Unfortunately before I could get to were he was at the end of the service he had gone.

    The Elder who took my study was such a quiet mild spoken man. He had been in prison during World War 2 as a concientious objector. In all the years I knew him he never altered. He died about 12 years ago from a brain tumour. He and his wife, loverly woman, they never had children.

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