Is there any bitterness between you and the one who brought you to the Org.

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  • lfcviking

    Yes towards my Bible study conductor. In the sense that once i was baptised he never bothered with me after that, he never came to visit, no phonecalls or anything. I got the impression he had a 'job done' sort of attitude and the real reason for his time & study was to earn himself some brownie points with his congregation.

  • HockeyMullet

    The last time I talked to the douche was almost 8 years ago. His wife went off the deep end after getting busted for giving some guy a hand shake ; ) in a bar parking lot, and tried to off herself with some pills. So my wife went to go visit her in the hospital, and the douche verbally attacks my wife (in front of an elder who did nothing). He yells at my wife that it's her fault. This guy is the stereotypical JW that knows everything and loves to put the sisters in their "place". So after my wife calls me crying, I call him and tell him that if he ever talks to any of my family again I would beat him to an inch of his pathetic life.

    After the douches wife got out of the hospital she started beating him routinely, and I guess the breaking point was they were driving back from town and she was driving. He made some smart ass statement, so she punched him in the face, stopped the car, and literally kicked him out of the car. As he picked his worthless ass off the ground tried to run him over with the car. They were divorced shortly after. She had enough of the verbal abuse. He's still single to this day.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    I'm not bitter, but I am sad.

    There is a quote from Crisis of Conscience I really like: "We are followers of followers. We are victims of victims."

    At least in my case: my parents never meant to mislead me and I do believe they are kind-hearted people who are just sorely mistaken.

  • brainfcked

    Well it was my mom who bought me in when I was five. I don't have any bitterness toward her even though she has been shunning me for ten years now. I am bitter at the society for the lies.

  • Backed away
    Backed away

    No, not at all. It was my parents and all they did was listen to someone in the 1950's at their door, hear what was very different to the status quo in religion at that time and both not being raised in religious homes, embraced what they felt was the truth and raised their children the same.

    My father has since passed and while my Mother who is in her 80's now still is a witness and I am not, I understand what they were trying to do and quite frankly my upbringing spared me alot of trouble and part of who I am today is because of their being loving parents, misguided or not.

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