Is there any bitterness between you and the one who brought you to the Org.

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  • JH

    Do you feel any additional bitterness from the brother or sister that gave you a bible study and expected you to remain a good JW.

    Althought I'm not DF'd, the one that gave me a bible study that led to my baptism never calls, or comes over, although he is an elder today.

    I feel plenty of bitterness from his part.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings JH,

    I've decided to let that goober off the hook. He posts here at times.


  • crazyblondeb

    It was my mom and stepdad that drug me into the whole mess. There's ALOT of bitterness. Alot of it comes from not only becoming jw's, but remaining that way, and allowing our family to become ripped apart.


  • nicolaou

    Well it was my Mum who was responsible for bringing us kids into the cult (although she did delegate weekly studies to a 'brother' in the cong'). I hate to say it but sometimes there is a twinge of bitterness there but love makes sure it doesn't show through for more than a moment.

    Interesting question though. The obverse applies to any that you brought into the Org and whether or not they feel any bitterness towards you!

  • Crumpet

    (nic thanks for introducing me to a new word - Obverse?!)

    Like nic and shelley my parents brought me in and I do feel a little bitter now. They taught me worldly people were evil for lying to their kids about santa clause but compared to what lies they taught me that was nothing.

  • wozadummy


    We decided on an outside wedding by a civil celebrant and he called to demand why. When I quoted from a watchtower that encouraged simple weddings ,and it said it was not a religious event anyway he went balastic - no humility ,fancy telling my teacher that he should read up!

    We did'nt want a KH wedding for we felt it was too much like a church wedding and we felt we were closer to god in a natural nature environment and of course then no elder would come to marry us , so we had to have a civil celebrant. He and his wife would not come and we still had a beautiful wedding despite their absence and the prescence of my wifes dead head family.

  • Mary

    The only ones I could blame are my maternal AND paternal grandparents as they both converted to Dub-dumbness in the 1930s. But hey, people weren't as well educated back then, there was no internet, so I think it was alot easier to get duped into believing this crap.

  • lovelylil

    My hubby and I studied together with an elder and his wife. Niether of them are in the org. any more. He left first, then his wife. They got a divorce too. Hubby and I stayed in a few more years, then left 3 years ago.

    Anyway, for a while I had some bitterness towards this couple because they outright lied to us about the organization. And I asked about whether or not the meetings and field service was mandatory and they both said NO! This elder also knew I did not agree with some of the teachings of the WT, and he told me that I did not have to believe everything the WT taught. It was up to my own conscience to decide what to do. He also told us the "society" did not expect us to "worship" it. When I found out these were all lies, I was furious!

    It wasn't until I got baptized that I fully understood my mistake and it took many years to get out of the org. Today, I don't hold any hard feeling against them. I now realize the pressure they felt to bring someone into the org. And I am glad although I studied with many people, I did not bring any of them into the org. I refused to paint a rosy picture of the WT and let all my studies know that they WILL be required to do lots of works. Lilly

  • blondie

    The people I knew were sincere not someone who knew it was a lie and were out to trap people. I figure if I or any of us talked to even one person telling them that the WTS was the place to go to find good information about the bible and God, we played our part in the whole charade.


  • Undecided

    After me being out for 30 years one of my bible studies talked to me in the grocery store and said she wanted to thank me for bringing them into the truth. I didn't know what to say.

    Ken P.

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