Do You Believe The JWs YOU Know Are "True Believers"???

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  • Golf

    What truth?


  • Junction-Guy

    Well I guess for my Grandma, the "truth" is anything written in the WT pubs. Grandma believes the WT is the mouthpiece of God, despite new ight, old ight, changing light, she still believes the WT is the mouthpiece of God, she may not always like what they have to say, but she still believes it to be from God.

  • OnTheWayOut

    My mother was DF after 1975, went back to JW's. She has many problems with
    the organization, but is captive to the concept, or afraid to walk away.

    My best friend was DF a few years back, reinstated a year later. He's making
    progress within the congregation. He sees much of the hypocrisy, but feels that
    Jah will straighten out the problems- his whole network of family and friends are
    JW- probably would never leave even though he knows about problems.

    My wife is a faithful JW, but disagrees with the "No additional education" stand the
    WTS takes. She focuses on enjoying vacations, building a retirement fund, furthering
    her education. She doesn't want to pioneer. She goes to all the meetings and assemblies
    but isn't really a hardcore JW.

    My PO is very hardcore. A couple of elders and pioneers in the cong. are definitely
    hardcore. If the organization told them they needed to sell everything and move to Alaska or
    Haiti, they would do it. Most of the pioneers and most others are there because they don't
    know any better, but would never pass a challenge to their loyalty. They are busy, they convince
    themselves that they are happy, they belong to a social network of JW's.

  • minimus

    My mom is 80. She's devout but when she got deleted as a Regular Pioneer for attending her granddaughter's wedding to a "worldly" man, it made her see that not all is right. Still, she is soooooooooooo conditioned to accept the pablum of the Organization, she has a hard time to accept any logical argument.....but SOMETIMES I see it does "click" and she begrudgingly acknowledges it.

  • Junction-Guy

    Ok I will sum mine up------My grandma is the true believer, just not the true do'er. My Dad is the true do-er, but possibly not a true sincere believer.

  • BluesBrother

    Of course I have lost touch with the newer and younger ones, at least to speak with in depth. But I do frequently attend the local K Hall to assist and accompany my wife to her meetings.

    The ones that I know well are 100% genuine and sincere. In the family everyone bar me is a Witness and I can vouch for their integrity.

    Call it cognitive dissonance, or what, but the passing years seem to make them even more sure of their faith. Perhaps it is a trait of this board that members like to impute bad motives to them, but I do not see that to be the case.

    I see a people that are deluded, blinkered, perhaps stupid, but victims without the brains or the courage to consider that they may, even possibly, be wrong

  • undercover
    I can just imagine a few JW's out there thinking to themselves "Even if there is no God, this religion is the best way to live morally"...

    An elder that I know thinks this way. He came into the truth in his adulthood after living a young life of crime. When we discussed some of my "issues" with some of the teachings he commented that even if there was no "true" religion, he would still follow the JWs because it was they who saved him from a life of crime. I knew then it was a waste of time discussing anything with him.

  • minimus

    Undercover, I'd avoid discussions with criminals too.


    JW`s believe what ever they are told to believe.That can change at any given moment,due to New Light or being told "we never said that."..Jehovah`s Witness`s are followers,they don`t know what they believe..Is it any wonder,the world knows nothing of thier message?...OUTLAW

  • hillbilly

    The last few I debated with didnt know squat about basic JW teachings past stating them.... I think most realy dont know what they believe anymore..just hangin' on with the powerful doing their thinking for them.


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