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  • dedpoet
    he claims " it is the only organization on earth that
    preaches the good news about God's Kingdom."

    In a way he's right - it is the only organisation on earth that preaches a particular version of god's kingdom. No other religion I've heard of actually shares the wts view of it, so the jws preach the truth according to the wts.

    I guess it also depends on what you view as preaching. I somehow doubt that knocking on doors and offerring people magazines was what Jesus had in mind when he told his disciples to preach to all nations.

  • Gill

    I believe there are a great many religions that perform missionary work, especially the Catholic faith.

    I think JWs might be very upset to learn that!

    Also, in our small town, there are often religious groups, in the town centre where the people actually are, distributing pamphlets and inviting people to their meetings.

    The JWs are blind, stupid and ignorant.....oh and bloody arrogant on top of that!

  • Mary
    he claims " it is the only organization on earth that preaches the good news about God's Kingdom."

    This simply isn't true. First of all, there is nothing in the bible stating that any "organization" has to be in place in order for people to preach about God's Kingdom. Second of all, there are certainly other Christian denominations that preach about God's Kingdom or Christianity in general. Just because they don't go out knocking on doors Saturday mornings, doesn't mean that others aren't preaching. The other Christian religions have simply taken advantage of modern technology and use the TV, radio and the internet to preach, which makes sense. You can have 20 million people watching you preach on TV as opposed to the couple of dozen doors you might knock on Saturday morning, with no one home. So who's doing the greater work here?

    Second of all, I would point out that the notion that first century Christians went "door to door", never happened. The scripture they use in Acts is referring to the Christians actually meeting in their respective houses (like a bookstudy), each week. There were very, very few wealthy Christians in the First Century, and they did not have a normal 'meeting place', so they met in their various homes. There is not one, single reference in the bible to anyone, including Jesus, in the first century going "door to door" preaching. They always went to public places and spoke, or did 'informal witnessing.' And they certainly never had to turn in their 'time' to the congregation.

    Lastly, the bible clearly says that not all members of the church or congregation would be preaching:

    1 Corinthians 12:29 Not all are apostles, are they? Not all are prophets, are they? Not all are teachers, are they?

    Many other churches, including the Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Protestants, Lutherans, Methodists, etc. all have Missionaries. Witnesses certainly do not have the exclusive on that. And guess what, they all preach about Jesus and God's Kingdom.

    Here's a nice little list you could give this guy, to show some more well known people who have converted to Christianity, without the help of the Witnesses, which means someone must have been preaching to them:

  • Little Bo Peep
    Little Bo Peep

    I read through the previous posts then got sidetrackd, so sorry if I repeat what someone else may have posted in the meantime.

    It seems I read somewhere the exact figures on how many times "good news of the kingdom" is in the NT (just a few), as opposed to "good news about the Christ" (majority).

    The WT prides itself that it's good news is different than other religions. The May 1, 1981 Watchtower, page 17 tells us to compare the king of gospel from Christendom with that of JW's, that they are not one and the same. Witnesses gospel is that God's kingdom was established in 1914.

    The Bible's good news is about Christ, his coming, ransom and ressurection, along with what it meant for mankind. Quite a different good news. Galations 1:8,9 says anyone declaring a different good news would be accursed, so I think they are in "hot water".

    The NT tells us all the glory and honor should go to Jesus, every knee bending to him, yet if you talk to much about Jesus to a JW, they get uncomfortable, because they talk about Jehovah instead. I began taking "chicken track" notes (the kind I had my children do when they were little), the last monhs of our attending meetings (5 years ago now). I was shocked how very little Jesus was talked about, unless there was an actual talk on his life. And the holy spirit? Practically nil. Most of the time you'd hear Jesus' name, was at the conclusion of prayer. For those still attending, try tracking how many times Jehovah, Jesus, holy spirity, faithful slave, organization, etc., is mentioned...I think you too will be shocked as I was.


  • OnTheWayOut

    The WTS cult has convinced their faithful that door-to-door recruiting is the
    Biblical way to preach the Good News of the Kingdom. I have not read the
    entire book, IN SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM, but I read an excerpt
    that shows the folly of such thinking.

    Early Christians, according to the Bible, met in private homes. This means
    they were invited there by the householder, and often their groups met in
    homes instead of established buildings of worship (like Kingdom Halls or
    churches). Preachers preached in the established Synagogues and in the
    marketplace. They were trying to encourage Jews to become Christians in
    the Synagogue. Modern-day evangelizers with a microphone and a streetcorner
    are more like the disciples in the first century.

    The New World Translation twist of the scriptures (everyone- look shocked)
    is biting them in the ass now, because the door-to-door work is very ineffective.
    The actual truth can reach people in many other ways.
    It has been said here on JWD, that if they were so sure of the imminence of
    the END, and that all false religion would be condemned, lives are at stake-
    they could make a television program and pay to broadcast it everywhere,
    or start a worldwide advertising campaign with signs and radio spots. They
    could lead people to their website, which could actually have relevant stuff.
    Cost would be irrelevant- Jehovah will see to it that his work is accomplished,
    and lives are at stake, don't be petty about the cost. Billions of dollars saving
    a handful of eternal lives would be worth the cost.

  • Little Bo Peep
    Little Bo Peep

    Forgot to add this to my earlier comment. JW's admit they preach a different good news, one about 1914 and the Kingdom's establishment, rather than the good news about Christ. Yet, their 1914 date is made on false assumptions, lies and deceit. The 1914 date relys completely on the accuracy of 607BC as being correct, yet they are the ONLY ones to use 607. All other references, scholars, encyclopedias etc say 586-587. If 607 is wrong, that makes 1914 wrong, 1919 and the faithful slave's appointment wrong, and the house of cards falls. They must keep that date at any expense. Perhaps you could ask your friend to prove 1914, since that's what they're really preaching. Should have some interesting conversations.

    Also, that few other religions go door to door doesn't mean they aren't preaching. They are reaching far more people throughout the world thru their various ministries, than the JW's ever could. If, as the latest tract says, the end is really eminent, why are they building more and more new kingdom halls? Why aren't they using every means possible to get the message out to the world, using some of their vast wealth to spread the message via radio, tv, etc?


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If the Dub preaching proves they have the truth, then the statistical decline in the efficiency of said preaching must indicate that they have LESS "trooth" now then they had in years gone by. Have they, like the Israelites before them, fallen from their privileged status?

  • jeeprube

    Ten minutes ago a couple of nicely dressed people knocked on my door and left a tract inviting me to their church, they were not JW's. I guess they are also the right religion?

  • betterdaze

    I enjoyed meeting up with a genuine Christian missionary over the Christmas holiday who just returned from a mission to Indonesia. Last year it was Thailand.

    No only did he spread the Good News in a Muslim land (overtly hostile to Christians), but he also volunteered labor to help the tsunami victims — regardless of religion — rebuild their homes.

    He produces off-Broadway plays with Christian themes. His parents' minister to abused children. His mom used to lovingly witness to me at Christmastime, trying to save me from the JWs and bring me to Jesus, always inviting me to come worship at their church. When I told her I finally broke free from the Tower, she offered a beautiful prayer of thanks right on the spot (to Jesus, not Jehovah, which was weird to me).

    I feel blessed to know this family — they're the "real deal" Christians who put the Watchtower's minions to shame. No time slips required, no magazine placements to count, no endless treadmill of meetings...



  • daniel-p

    The Truth is what matters, not the supposed telling of it. The Truth should stand on it's own, without convincing, without "winning over," without deception or charismatic coercion. What is the substance of what they preach, what they learn at the meetings, what they tell themselves, what they ask of God? All it is, is basically what every other fundamentalist religion is: God is going to destroy the sinners and going to reward the faithful. The only thing different is what constitutes a "sin" and the "reward" is slightly altered, the the basic principles remain the same.

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