Do Not Buy RCA Products

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  • jayhawk1

    New News...

    Today once again with my tracking number in hand, I called the RCA service center and asked them where my DVD Recorder was. They checked the tracking number and told me to call them again in 3 days. This operator gave me a new service request number too.

    I'm not sure what to make of all this. I know this much...


  • fjtoth

    You've got me puzzled.

    Shouldn't you call UPS instead of RCA with the tracking number? RCA would probably not have it on file and would have to contact UPS to find out where the package is just in case it wasn't delivered. That's probably why RCA is making you wait 3 days. You've asked them to do what it seems to me would be easier for you to do. I say easier for you because sometimes UPS won't give the info to the receiver, only to the sender. I could be mistaken, but that's the way it worked when a package we sent got lost.


  • jayhawk1

    I checked with UPS and it has arrived at their service center. I gave the Rep. the tracking number UPS provided and that it was signed by "Flores" along with what time it arrived. She put me on hold for 2 mins. while she checked my number. She claims Thompson Corp now needs 3 days to find out what they did with my DVD recorder and ship me a new one. All I know is she was emphatic about me calling again in 3 days.

    Does this clear up any confusion? What I don't understand is I left explicit instructions with the Recorder inside the shipping box.

    My name, my phone, and their case number along with what the piece of crap was doing... Shouldn't that have been enough?

    Like I said, as incompetent RCA is, don't buy RCA products!

  • lost_light06

    From my experience DVD/VCR Combo's typically break faster than individual units. I bought a JVC DVD/VCR combo no more than 6 months ago and it only works sporadically. I have a 5 year old Philips DVD player that still works great and a 8+ year old Sharp VCR that still works pretty well. The reason the combo units fail is the DVD and VCR run off the same circuit board. If the VCR side fries then the DVD side fries and vice versa

    My advice to anyone in the market for a DVD and/or a VCR...... buy individual units. You may pay a little more up front but you’ll save yourself money and a headache in the future.

  • Satanus

    Whenever you talk to somebody over the phone like this, always get their names, first and last, and write them down. That way, it's much harder for them to pass the buck. You can nail individuals to the wall, or get them going after each other a little bit, sometimes. It's especially good if you start going higher into management.


  • JWdaughter

    Hi, if they do not have a record of their reciept of the vcr, they don't know that they rec. it for sure. THat is why we have del. conf. and signed receipts. They can't just send replacements to everyone who claims that they sent in something for repair. That would be stupid. If, however, you provide proof that they did indeed rec. it and they continue to deny knowledge, that would be bad cust. service. I work at a retailer that has very large expensive items. We can't take action without a record and proof that we have a particular item. It would be a foolish way to do business. I hope that after you send proof of sending that they respond properly. If the worst thing they do is at this point say they have no VCR, it isn't necessarily bad CS. Glitches happen that aren't deliberate or intended to cause anyone distress. It is how they deal with it from there on out that should tell the tale. Good luck.

  • jayhawk1

    Thanks guys. We'll see what happens in 2 days. They now know they have it. They have the UPS delivery number that shows it arrived at their building and was signed by "Flores." I should have gotten this last operator's name. But if in 2 days something positive doesn't happen, I will take the next step and ask for a supervisor.

    Good point about the double units going bad. All I want the damn thing for was recording all my old VCR tapes into DVD discs and reduce the space my video library takes up.

    When all the JW books left my home I had to fill the space with something.

    I can't help but wonder if anyone else has had this much trouble with an RCA product. This is not the first time I've sent back a defective product, but this is my first time working with RCA. I've never experienced anything like this before.

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