Interesting visit from broken down JW and CO

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  • steve2

    This reminds me of how "pragmatic" the JWs are: They'll shun you - except when it's not in their financial interests.

    I shared a house with 3 JW pioneers in the late 1970s. I was struggling with the teachings and dared to voice my doubts when they questioned me. They said it might be best if I looked elsewhere to live. In the meantime I had planned to go on a two-week vacation. Bad timing. When I came back, I found my furniture and possessions removed from the house and stored in the garage without my consent. One of them told me he had found some anti-JW literature in my room and they had believed my possessions may have become demonised!

    I was absolutely astounded. When I eventually sorted through my possessions, I discovered my vacuum cleaner was missing. I asked them about it: Oops, they didn't have a vacuum cleaner and hence needed to borrow mine! You have to admire their audacity and pragmatism! Thank goodness the vacuum cleaner wasn't demonsied...or was it?!

  • hambeak

    Well the brother called me back a few moments ago and let me know the problem was a blown radiator hose.

    After a few seconds into a tirade from him that I was trying to rip them off, I reminded him that I offered a diagnostic to determine the reason for the cars loss of coolant and overheating and that the 79.90 would be applied to the repair.

    He was still ranting so I kinda lost my cool with this idiot and I said WAIT A MINUTE AND SHUT THE HELL UP

    Do you remember the book COC and he said yes, I then said you are now guilty of apostasy as you saw the book and sought me out so stick that in your pipe and smoke it and don't come back and I hung up. and started cackling like a fool

  • HappyDad

    I just love this experience hambeak! But whatever happened to the CO's driving Buick's? A 2005 Avalon???????????

    Man, I wish I could afford one and here is this "living off the fat of the land" CO driving an '05 Avalon for free. And he still wants a discount! I'm glad you played it the way you did.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Blueblades

    The congregations in the circuit pays for all the CO.'s items and needs including toilet paper.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Some people don't understand business.
    Imagine this conversation:

    Why does a blown radiator require a $80 diagnosis?

    I have to determine what's wrong- It will be applied to the repair cost.
    But if I spend a long time just looking at if for free, then tell you what's
    wrong, you will have wasted 30-60 minutes of my time and you will go
    find another person to fix it.

    But what will your $80 diagnosis find?

    Don't know until you agree to it. If it turns out you need warranty work
    done, you can still credit it toward that, or you will have only spent $80 to
    find out what you need.

    Later: All I needed was a hose. You said it would cost hundreds.

    I said I would determine what it costs in a diagnosis. I presented all the
    facts so you would know them, and the worst-case scenario.

  • Tristram

    Heh heh. I thought "broken down JW" was referring to the general weariness and malaise among the rank and file.

  • Virgochik

    Hambeak, you did excellent! Once again, an example of how the JW's blast the Clergy for expecting special perks and treatment, yet see nothing wrong with a CO demanding this!

    Too bad ya didn't put the monkey wrench in the engine! I know, you have a professional reputation to think of....well, how about if they ever come back wheedling favors, you slip that COC book in the glove box! Haha, can't ya just see Brother OldNmusty's dentures fall out when he opens the glove compartment for Scurrytory maps and there lies THAT AWFUL BOOK?

  • juni

    Hambeak, I wish I had been there. You treated them in a respectul business manner. They had the gall to ask for a discount since it was a CO's car???? Like that should make a difference to you. Special favors.

    And then further unChristian behavior. Sounds all too familiar. One thing at the Hall and their real selves outside. The two-faced *&^)%. What my husband found was if you loaned anything to the brothers, for the most part you could kiss it good bye. And forget talking to the elders - you know like Jesus said to do to settle a dispute. They don't want to get involved. "Better to let it go and keep the peace in the cong." they would say.

    You did good you bad person you!!


  • poppers
    Take the job, and tell them they'll have their car "soon". When they come to pick up the vehicle and after you take their money, inform them that you use the same definition of "soon" as does the WTBTS. As in, for a hundred years the Big A is coming "soon". If they don't like it, tell them to wait on Jehovah

    That's priceless!

    Do you remember the book COC and he said yes, I then said you are now guilty of apostasy as you saw the book and sought me out so stick that in your pipe and smoke it and don't come back and I hung up. and started cackling like a fool

    Great response! Way ta go, hambeak!

  • wozadummy

    Jeez I can see this story becoming a theocratic myth story now at the KH

    It might go something like this...........

    While in the field service ,all day, we had trouble with the car and the CO said pull into this auto repair shop

    We sought out the mechanics help and he told us it would cost alot of money to repair ,we pleaded with him to assist us as we only had so much money....but he refused to lower his price.

    What were we to do, maybe prayer to Jehovah would help get us to the Kingdom Hall so the Circuit brother could encourage the brothers there

    Ah but just then one of the brothers noticed evil apostate literature on the mechanics counter

    Yes the Circuit Overseer said we must leave here ,this literature is a sign from Jah that we must seek out another mechanic ,and perhaps we will get a discount and get to the meeting on time.......and of course we did praise Jah you people

    And the carpets of the KH are soaked............

    Hambeak you were the only one involved who acted in a proper business like manner!

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