Interesting visit from broken down JW and CO

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    hanbreak great work: this has happened to me a number of times . jw's coming to me asking me to fix thier cars. i never help them. even for $$$$$ the best one was , one night. at about 11 p.m. a few jw i know were at one of those late night auto part stores. well they were short tools. and begged me to come and help them. after the 3rd call i went. and reamed the crap out of them for 2 hours. watching them fumble like a bunch of dopes. after the store closed about 1 a.m. they were still stuck. the store didn't have a 13mm crows foot. line wrench. before i got in my car and left them in an empty dark parking lot. i was polite and offered to call them a tow truck. i left their sorry asses right there. waving that 13mm crows foot in thier face as i drove away. john

  • seawolf
    The congregations in the circuit pays for all the CO.'s items and needs including toilet paper.

    We already knew he got his Watchtower and Awake!s free haha

  • DanTheMan

    Same thought as HappyDad - an '05 Avalon, pretty nice car!

    I had always assumed that the Buicks were because they wanted CO's of all people to not give any 'cause for stumbling' such as driving a Japanese car.

  • moshe

    Is the circuit so broke that they can't pay for a rental car while his car in the shop? Let's see - for a $350 cost, you could rent a car for over a week, while the warranty work is being done. No-oo, that would make too much sense.

  • Honesty

    Well the brother called me back a few moments ago and let me know the problem was a blown radiator hose.

    After a few seconds into a tirade from him that I was trying to rip them off, I reminded him that I offered a diagnostic to determine the reason for the cars loss of coolant and overheating and that the 79.90 would be applied to the repair.

    He was still ranting so I kinda lost my cool with this idiot and I said WAIT A MINUTE AND SHUT THE HELL UP

    Do you remember the book COC and he said yes, I then said you are now guilty of apostasy as you saw the book and sought me out so stick that in your pipe and smoke it and don't come back and I hung up. and started cackling like a fool. hambeak

    Jerhover's 'electric energy spirit force' saved them from being ripped off by an evil apostate.

  • V

    Vehicle of Circuit Overseers, paid for by congregations:

    2005 Toyota Avalon XL Sedan 4D (base model, low miles, TX area)

    Value: $21,800

    Vehicle of Pioneers, paid out of pocket:

    2005 Toyota Corolla CE Sedan 4D (base model, low miles, TX area)

    Value: $14,615

  • Abandoned
    This was too much and it is the CO's car could I give them a discount.

    "Oh, this is the CO's car? That means jehooover is your insurance agent. Yeah, that prick doesn't pay on time. You send him a bill and he sends back some stupid magazine with the word 'soon' scrawled across it."

  • Oroborus21

    I'm surprised more JWs don't get beaten up regularly.


    Riiight! Cause that is an appropriate reaction in our enlightened times whenever we encounter those with whom we disagree or whom we perceive to be spreading harm and lies.


  • Finally-Free
    Riiight! Cause that is an appropriate reaction in our enlightened times whenever we encounter those with whom we disagree or whom we perceive to be spreading harm and lies.

    Is it? That's not what I said.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Hambeak,

    What a bunch of users !!! I am so glad you din't give them a discount!! Even if you had, the second they drove off, I am sure you would have had a knife in your back! Hmmm makes you wonder where their holy spirit was to help them out! Since they feel they are the only ones who recieve it?? Oh and by the way, I loved that you had the COC book sitting out! That is GREAT!


    Lady Liberty

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