Do elders 'frighten' you?

by gypsytart 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • garybuss

    Elders frighten me in the sense that I'm afraid I might chuck a hair-ball from laughing at them.

  • zagor

    Not at all, after kind of parting I've had with them ... are you kidding :)

    I've met few of them in the street and usually they run away. One tried to give me a long hard look, I gave it back.
    I gave him sharp piercing look back, till he bowed his head down and passed by me. They'd like you to think they are
    masters of the universe. In reality they are stinky old relics who are trained to act that way, who lost every sence of
    human decency and dignity.

  • TheHypnoToad

    Only the control they have over my parents and extended family and my family.

    But fear men like them other than that, NO!

    TheHypnoToad don't sign no post!

  • penny2

    There was one elder who I was particularly scared of. He always tried to set up appointments with me to go from door to door (this was after I stopped engaging in that useless activity but I was still attending meetings).

    Recently I bumped into him while shopping and for some reason I found I wasn't scared at all. He asked me how I was (fine). And how are you spiritually (yes he couldn't resist). I said, "Not quite the way you'd like to see it but I'm fine."

    I think being in a shopping centre helped - after all, what could he do to me? And he's never going to trap me in a KH or worse, group study (that claustrophobic little room).


  • trevor

    When I was a boy, and I was, I got scared by the ghost train at the seaside. Having seen through the whole set up I decided to get even. Armed with large pebbles from the beach I returned and each time a pathetic apology for a ghost jumped out, I would knock it into the next world. I got to enjoy this too much and was eventually barred from the building.

    Elders are just as flaky and just as much fun to expose as fake. They are only frightening if you believe in them.

  • diamondblue1974
    So why does he still have this power over me??? Its very annoying. Am I alone in feeling this way?

    I know exactly what you mean. You are definately not alone as I felt the same. Things change though and I found that the more I posted here and the more I read, the more I realised that half of the elders were academically and intellectually subordinate and carry no weight whatsoever.

    Its liberating to reach this point - you will in time, its a question of attitude.


  • avidbiblereader

    I use to have that view until I read the Bible and realize with Jah's help that fear of men is what lies a snare. Be afraid of men, how silly, I prefer to put my fear where it should be and where the Bible says so. I fear God as rightly I should, but men, are you afraid of the dust and dirt you walk on? Remember that is what all of us are, now wouldn't that be silly?

  • xjwms

    With strong words I put them down to their face

    They're scared of ME. !


  • IP_SEC
    So why does he still have this power over me???

    Seriously... When ever you see, talk to, or think about him picture him this way.

    He only has the power you give him. Dont think that li'l puppy could hurt you? Have power over you?

  • Dismembered

    Greeting gypsytart,

    Do elders 'frighten' you?

    Not one iota, I dare them to come visit me.

    As regards you not wanting to answer the door to that "elder", being a "fader" as you've stated that you are, and have been, and your mum still being in it, then not answering the door is just the smart thing to do. I would not consider that as fear, but again you're just playing smart.


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