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  • fullofdoubtnow

    I'd just like to say hi to the elders in my old kh pear tree, especially C

    You have raised a fine boy there, he really knows how to enjoy himself. I saw him in my local pub a few weeks ago, and he was having a wonderful time, really enjoying his pool, lager and cigarettes, (especially the cigs). He seemed to know a few terms that you probably don't hear as well.

    And J, your son and daughter seemed to be enjoying their booze and cigs as well, how proud of them you must be!

    D, do you still enjoy smoking? You alaways seemed to, and the stress of being an elder must drive you to it at times.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all, I'm sure some of you will be celebrating it.



  • Fleshybirdfodder

    I used to wipe boogers under my chair because I was so bored during the meetings. Just felt guilty and thought the next bookstudy group on cleaning duty should be forewarned.


  • love2Bworldly

    FBF--did you put your used gum under there too? Shame on you!

  • greenhornet

    Can I bump this old tread? lets see. It needs to be updated with our new members.

  • 3Mozzies
  • andys

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! I am sending Jehovah-Clause to the congregation I used to go to, click on youtube video below:

    Sending Jehovah-Clause click on link

  • dm6

    yes get it bumped!

    To my second Congregation in RYE EAST SUSSEX, KENT, UK -

    To Elder Matthew Gilden and your sexy wife Ellie Gilden, Thankyou for inviting me into your home and love bombing me.

    I am so glad you totally confused me and never really bothered giving me any time for studies due to my chef work hours.

    I am very happy that you failed miserably at acheiving a succesful bible study with me, but hey we hit chpater 11 i think it was, and i attended your bore meetings from day one!

    I have many things i really wanted to say to you Matthew, espeically the fact, that, just like all other JWs out there, you are all gossip mongers i should refer you now to the scripture which talks about not judging others look at the rafter in your own eye.

    But i wont go on too much, because i want to emphasize more on how smoking hot your wife Ellie is, although she is ten years younger than you, i bet your as happy as pig in shit.

    Damn, she used to bring the coffees in and sit down but as she walked off to sit down i used to get tingles. You probably know what i mean im sure.

    It was always weird and uncomfortable when you were in the room, the vibe in the air you, you could actually HEAR the silence, you could slice it with a knife and hear it rip.

    But when you left, to the toilet, or to get yourself a drink, or whatever it is what you did, Ellie and i would get on like a house on fire, and i could tell she really wanted out of your controlling environment, and i felt more than willing to do that for her, though i now wish i did.

    Then you would walk back in the room and the silence vibe would kick in and the laughs and casual chatter would vanish upon hearing your footsteps towards the door.

    I know for a fact that you wont be reading this because you are so far gone into your brainwashing and 4th gen jw or whatever you are, theres no way you would be here. And it pains me, because ellie deserves so much more than you. A very beautiful woman.

    PS try listening to real music in your car, driving to the KH listnening to Kingdom Melodies always turned my stomach just as much as im sure it did ellie. beautiful ellie.


    To the attention of Elder/MS Billy fannon.

    I also know you wont be reading this.

    I know about your medication and depression etc. I saw the labels at work on the floor in the locker room.

    I never told a soul because i liked you and had the utmost respect for you, I wasn't about to start turning over real friendship because of some shitty scripture which cites, oh! you will be helping the person if you snitch on them!

    You are misled, misguided by all these brainwashing arseholes and i wish you could make a run for it, and ENJOY your life and be happy.

    I know you are slightly disabled, but you are an extremely intelligent person, and im not just saying that to make you feel better, it really is factual.

    i wish you could look beyond the watchtower viewpoint and think for yourself. One day, i hope.

    PS i never told anyone about your anger and constant swearing at everyone at work, it actually made me chuckle.


    To the attention of Melanie ________

    I cant beileve i actually forgot your last name.

    But the time you wanted to go out with me for a coffee alone, just you and me because of your husband leaving you, you wanted .... no ... needed a friend and i said no because we would get in trouble because of it just being you and me, plus you were married etc, you have absolutley no idea how many times i have gone over it in my head and beat myself up about that. Please understand i was brainwashed and thought i was doing right.

    If its any consolation to you, you were in my mind during those tough times you were going through with your husband, and i would pray night after night for J******* to help you out as i couldn't.

    I wish i could have given you that shoulder, given you that comfort and friendship when you really needed it. I let you down as a friend and i hated myself for it, even to this day, i saw your absolute despair and know you didnt have anyone to talk to.

    I am SO sorry.


    To the watchtower Governing Body etc etc.

    You are all a bunch of life wrecking arseholes.


  • mummatron

    I'm not sorry I chose NOT to be an intolerant bigot.

    I'm not sorry if my free thinking offends you.

    I don't care if you think me a bad association. You've done me a favour.

    I am sorry that you find nothing better to do than invent hurtful, idle, gossip about the very people you're supposed to love. It must get quite boring twiddling your thumbs waiting for something that's never going to happen.

    BUT, If you ever see the real truth, I'm here for you...

  • LongHairGal

    "Hi there everybody in X Congregation:

    I am a ten-year "fader" and am really "out", but you probably already suspect that anyway. When I was active you probably noticed I was on the fringes of the congregation. You may have seen me coming in late to the meetings because I work full time. I know more than one idiot made unkind, judgmental remarks about me because some of them filtered back. Being as sleep was a much needed luxury, I wasn't out in service so much on the weekends because I had to rest and do errands. I could not concern myself with what the busybodies in the congregation (mostly retirees) were thinking, because I had to look out for myself. I also knew I would be the last person to be helped if I needed it because you would all be helping the pioneers. Well, that's okay as long as you weren't looking for somebody like me to help anybody else out. The way I see it: people who don't believe in college and careers have NO business to be looking at somebody who works for a living!

    While some of you admired me for my being able to take care of myself, others criticized me. I didn't fall for the 'housecleaning and pioneer' trap that is held up as something to aspire to. Sorry, I wasn't buying it. I also saw the circumstances that other single women were in and I had no intention of following in their footsteps. At different times I was criticized over my clothing. So silly. You have no idea what it is like to try to dress modestly and stylishly. Too bad the older married women in the congregation (who instigate these criticisms) cannot or will not understand. The culture and mentality in the religion is detestable and I never considered this a brotherhood except maybe to the extended families.

    I always knew there were a lot of "holes" in JW doctrines but it wasn't until the 1995 changed teaching on generation that I knew it was really over. For the next few years, I was like a zombie. In the year 2000, I discovered the mountain of information on the internet. After much research and reading a few books, I decided I could no longer, in good conscience, go around and tell people this religion was "truth".

    There it is."

  • jookbeard

    DM6; I know the Gildens I remember when Matthew and David were born, we were in the Mitcham cong then , they moved to their idyllic picturesque village life in Kent, last saw Roger and Kay at my dads funeral and with half the Dubs in attendance that day shaunning me Roger and Kay spoke with me in a caring loving way.

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