The Bible -- The Watchtower Makes a Convincing Case

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  • AlmostAtheist

    I was roaming around on today because... well... it's a couple hours until anything good comes on, and I've watched all the Animaniacs on, so... you know how it is...

    Anyway, I found this article on the Bible interesting. Note what it says about how great the Bible is:

    "Among the major books of religion, the Bible is one of the very oldest."

    So, the Bible is "one of" the very oldest. Not THE oldest, of course. But it's right up there, definitely got a dog in the fight. (There are apparently "minor books of religion" as well, but we're gonna ignore them for the moment.)

    "Over 90 percent of the human family have access to the Bible, or at least part of it, in their native language."

    God sees this project as so important that he's going to make sure that 90% of humanity can read at least some of it. That's pretty impressive. I'll bet those other 600,000,000 humans are jerks anyway.

    "Events covered in the Bible are not mere myths."

    This was apparently to assuage any "myth" concerns that might arise from the talking animals, repopulating the planet with two of every animal, creating flowers a thousand or so years before creating bees -- that sort of thing. Good call.

    "At 2 Timothy 3:1-5, the Bible states: “ will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, ...” Does this not describe the attitude of people in general today? These words were penned in the year 65 C.E., over 1,900 years ago!"

    Uncanny! Clear back in 65 A.D., God was able to accurately foretell that people would act like jerks. (That's probably the group he targeted to keep the Bible away from!)

    "What does the Bible reveal about God’s purpose for the earth and mankind? It promises: “Just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more . . ."

    And those words are as true today as they were three thousand years ago when they were first written. And I'm gonna start believing in it again... in a "little while"...

    I've only scratched at the tough outer hull of this nut of an article. If you'd like to revel in its full glory, you can find it here:



  • daniel-p

    LOL, thanks for the laugh. Yes, they sure can make a convincing case with their 8th grade level qualifiers....

  • skyking
  • GoingGoingGone

    Great commentary, Dave! LOL!

    I should go in and scribble little notes in the margins of my husband's WT.... shall I give you the credit?


  • jaguarbass

    Good points, Dave!

  • BrentR

    The global flood and the ark is some very interesting fiction. I am amazed at how many people not to metion JW's believe the story. That is what started me in questioning the entire bible. It only went down hill from there.

  • done4good
    The global flood and the ark is some very interesting fiction. I am amazed at how many people not to metion JW's believe the story. That is what started me in questioning the entire bible. It only went down hill from there.

    This was always one of those things that I just always felt had a nonsensical nature to it, even as a young kid. I just chose to "put up" with it, knowing it made no scientific sense. Shame on me.


  • Carmel

    I wonder how many geneticists are "Christian". Can you imagine the conversations about allelic introgression caused by too few individuals passing on genes to the F1 and F infinity? Bleedin problem, I say!


  • Terry


    You only get people who really want the Bible to be inerrant words of God interested in confirming their own bias to read this and nod, "yes".

    It isn't so much proof as it is an advertising pitch.

    There is a deeper underlying reason the Watchtower Society apparently props up the Bible.

    The Bible is so deeply respected by those who are already Christians that the Watchtower Society really wants the gravitas to rub off ON THEMSELVES.

    They have their photo op taken with the Bible and its yummy goodness accrues to them.

    Look who we're hangin' out with! Why, its THE BIBLE! We must be celebrities too!! We're in with the cool crowd!

    Naturally, they don't mention all the trouble they went through to create their own bogus translation in order to prop up their very peculiar doctrines! Certainly not! That would give the game away.

    The actual true truth about the Bible is that it doesn't exist. Which is to say, anybody who ever wanted an ironclad foolproof way of gaining power over submissive people have twisted and turned and rigged the old stories to come out smelling the way they want them to smell.

    How else can you possibly explain the long history of infighting and dogged determination to destroy fellow Christians by either producing yet another translation or supressing one???

    There is no Christianity just as there is no Bible. Precisely: There are many Christianities each with their own peculiar bible.

    The Watchtower has to stand in a long, long line of others who came before them (and after) who are selling this old pig in a poke.

  • jayhawk1

    "Events covered in the Bible are not mere myths."

    That's true! How many people do you know that have superhuman strength because of their long hair? Why just last week there was a man who was eaten by a whale only to be spit out onto dry land 3 days later. It happens all the time!

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