The Bible -- The Watchtower Makes a Convincing Case

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  • V

    Or the day Josh stopped the sun in the sky...


    Parting the Red Sea?

    Sampson the superhero?

  • Abandoned

    Buddy, I think you've gone beyond AlmostAtheist by now. You did a great job here with the stupid proofs that those on the governing body do to keep themselves gainfully employed.

  • BabaYaga

    "...creating flowers a thousand or so years before creating bees -- that sort of thing. Good call."

    That's brilliant... I never thought of that one before! Oh, yes, that's a good one, THANKS! hahahaha


  • Amazing

    Hi Dave,

    I enjoyed your sardonic humor in response to the Watchtower article. I will look at it from cold logic by pointing out some facts and and reasoning about the Bible that may prove interesting:

    "Among the major books of religion, the Bible is one of the very oldest."

    This is entirely irrelevant. If it is from God, it matters not when it was transmitted to humans.

    "Over 90 percent of the human family have access to the Bible, or at least part of it, in their native language."

    This is only a recent development. For the first 1,500 years of Christian development and tradition, the Bible was not available to but a few. The printing press changed all of that, but massive availability did not happen until after the development of high speed printing.

    Using the logic of availability, one could then argue that the Bible was not essential in the development of the Christian faith, or God would have inspired high speed printing by the first century, not 1,500 years later.

    "Events covered in the Bible are not mere myths."

    The fact that events may all be real is irrelevant to whether the Bible is from God. Any myths in the Bible could be from God as forms of object lessons and allegories. Jesus used mythical events to teach lessons. So the Watchtower logic is an example of false reasoning.

    "At 2 Timothy 3:1-5, the Bible states: “ will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, ...” Does this not describe the attitude of people in general today? These words were penned in the year 65 C.E., over 1,900 years ago!"

    People have always been this way. It is an irrelevancy.

    "What does the Bible reveal about God’s purpose for the earth and mankind? It promises: “Just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more . . ."

    A little while ... mmmmmm .... stil waiting ..... mmmmm .... still waiting ..... mmmmm

    Thanks for sharing the article ...

    Jim Whitney

  • jayhawk1
    "Over 90 percent of the human family have access to the Bible, or at least part of it, in their native language."

    To go along with Jim Whitney's post, isn't the Quran (Muslim Holy Book) also available to most of the human family? The Quran is available in the following languages according to one web page: Hebrew, Polish, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Albanian, Chinese, Turkish, Malaysian, Swahili, German, Indonesian, Latin, English, Thai, Dutch, Urdu, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic. Really, it is high speed printing, not God that makes the Bible available to all who want to read it.

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