What's The Worst Personality Trait Or Negative Quality A Person Can Have???

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  • Gregor

    How about the chronic VICTIM? These unfortunate people can point a finger at someone or something to blame for every negative thing that has ever happened to them. In some cases they may be on target, but they can't move on and they just let it gnaw at their insides and waste a lot of energy being angry. At worst, they can't accept that sometimes negative things just happen and they cast about for a target to focus their frustration on. Anguish over "what could have been" eats at them constantly. This personality trait bogs people down and prevents them from moving on to more positive things. It can also be a tactic to avoid personal responsibility for the direction their life is going.

    I think ex-JWs especially need to be on guard to avoid letting the WTS continue to bring them down even after they know it is a sham. The years invested in following a bogus religeous cult can never be reclaimed.

  • jaguarbass

    In the United States being a Bush Repulican = neonazzi radical extremist full of sxxt. Lost in the woods with his head in the sand. And a liar.

  • restrangled

    I can't stand conceitedness. Anyone thinking I'm too pretty for "whatever" There are several TV shows on now like this such as "Housewives of Orange County"...get over yourselves! Stop with the "I'm entitled" attitude.

    So I suppose the above includes greed, selfishness and exagerated self importance. I also can't stand the term "Diva" which to me encompasses all of the above and glorifies the ignorant attitude of "I'm Special"!


  • Rebirth

    Constant negativity. Arrogance.

    I can not stand to be around people who have to look at the glass as half empty no matter what. They just drain my energy. Also, I need to have friends who are vulnerable. If a friend can't show their feelings and expose themselves (emotionally :)) then I won't be able to connect with them.



    ..Selfish/Cowards/Bullys..Why does the same person display all three quality`s???...OUTLAW

  • FlyingHighNow

    I have a hard time dealing with people who are arrogant, intolerant and judgemental. It's a sort of syndrome of traits that add up to a person with no heart.

  • Bstndance

    I'm shocked no one mentioned back stabbers/betrayers. People who waste your time earning your trust only to use everything you said/did against you. There was a girl in my office at one point (I think I ranted about her a few times awhile back) and she would find every opportunity to turn me in. It also happened in the congregation. As a teenager I wrote a short story and in it there was a typical teenage party (booze, etc etc) and I showed it to my friend. He told an elder who had a young MS talk to me about what I should and shouldn't write. LMAO

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I think arrogance enables the mind to many forms of evil and self delusions. This can be found in dictators like saddam hussein, adolph hitler and my favorite one, the watch tower. When you know everything, no one can teach you, and you can rationalize any evil you you want under your own self-agrandisement and self delusions. The only cure, is the ability to put yourself in other peoples shoes. Knowledge just puffs up. That is why Jesus hated the scribes and the pharisees and would not forgive them. They missed the whole point of his message and sought his destruction.

  • whyizit


    If you have a bad case of the "me-me-me-me's", then the means always justifies the ends, and all the other truly bad character traits rear their ugly heads all too often. It all goes hand in hand, it seems.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    I see a lot of meanness and coldness out there in the world. People who have no problem with making another person feel low to make themselves feel better. Manipulators are pretty low in my book. I dealt with that my entire life, not including the JW's.

    There are a lot of negative traits a person can have, but to me, these are the worst.

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