What Did YOU Do At A Typical Witness "Get-Together"?

by minimus 48 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Did you sing Kingdumb songs, take turns reading the Bible, play Bible games or did you have "fun" ???

  • Finally-Free

    One MS always had a BIG bottle of rum in his van so we'd always be able to drink, even at dry 'get togethers'. He and the service overseerâ„¢ spent most of the time hanging out near the van, while others came out for refills.


  • OnTheWayOut

    We were with one congregation where they played Kingdom Melodies
    on their own instruments and forced many of the kids to sing. Another
    group from that cong. loved their home-made (JW style) Bible trivia
    games. I was a serious reader, but had a lousy memory. I did bad,
    and everyone would say "and he's an elder."

    I hardly ever went to JW gatherings with alcohol served- some smaller ones.
    Most of them were pot luck, although they could never bring themselves to
    say that. Most had card-playing for fun and many had nice music. I was
    invited to many CO visit gatherings, those were the ones where they talked
    about spiritual stuff and kissed up to the CO and said he helped out so
    much this week.

    I generally played cards. I never praised the CO at a party, although I would
    contribute to the conversations, and I would not criticize him either.


    Depends on the crowd at the particular gathering. If I am with other elders I spend my time trying to avoid them. If its with the few "friends" I have then we talk, drink, bash some of the elders, watch TV. Then there are the times when we get invited to "sister single pioneer in her 40's or 50's that moved to the cong. to help" and we spend time discussing how wonderful pioneering is and its so nice that she is here to help.. Then occasionally we get invited to "Sister elderlys" home and usually its ok, I feel bad for these lifers who gave up all for the org. so I am VERY nice to them and listen to every story the tell me.

  • YoursChelbie

    Geez, you're bringing back some memories.

    Let's see, aside from the typical: baby showers, wedding showers, graduation parties, Going-away-to-Bethel Parties I would say there was some group dancing to country music and your mandatory small talk. Oh, the highlight of these gatherings was the group prayer followed by a pot luck feast....those were the days.


  • RubaDub

    Drank and drank and drank ...

    Always a keg of beer available (in the "back" usually).

    I guess our elders (father included) loved the suds.

    Rub a Dub

  • lawrence

    One big circle jerk ignoring the fact that the poor, the lame, and the crazy weren't invited.

  • minimus

    "one big circle jerk"???/ Did it feel good??

  • Nowman

    We had alot of get togethers when I was growing up, at our house alot. We had a ping pong table in our garage, (in the winter, we would heat it) we would all crowd in there. In the summer, I would have volley ball parties too. Bon fire parties, etc. Really, there was no drinking, I really enjoyed myself most of the time because there was always some boy I liked.

    Later on though, my parents would not let me go to alot of things after I turned 16, then 2 years later, I left home and the org...


  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Oh yes, the cheesie and soda pop parties. I remember my mother breaking my michael jackson record in two. She thought it was demon possessd. Thank god for that! How could I have known at the time, he would become a white female child molestor, with an interest in lepracaun theme parks? Thanks mom. You sure nipped that one in the bud.

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