New "donation" arrangement begins to FAIL

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  • Tech49

    So here we are, almost a year into the "NEW" congregation donation arrangement. And its beginning, as was predicted, to fail miserably, and to have direct negative consequences on the poor sheep.

    Let me give you a little experience, directly from our congregation of about 80 publishers. Back in May, after reading the letter about the "NEW" arrangement, The elder body decided to "donate" the extra funds on hand to WT, as directed. The bank account went from about $10,000 down to about $5,000, literally overnight. Then, a poll was taken as to what amount the congregation would be willing to agree to send monthly, forever and ever! That pledged amount was about $800.00. (Mind you, our little KH has been paid for for many years!, so no loan to forgive!)

    Great, a blessing from Jehovah!! Fast forward to this week. CO VISIT, and Tuesday night just happens to have LOCAL NEEDS on the menu. Guess what the part is about??!!!

    The brother giving the part did a terrible job of trying to convince us that we NEVER tithe, and NEVER beg for money, like those disgusting hypocritical pharisees. But you brothers DID obligate yourselves to make this DONATION every month! And then the guilt tripping begins! "You know, there are many ways we can show our appreciation for Gods Organization and all it does for us. Including our monetary donations. Of course, we would never want to make a promise and not follow thru, especially in regards to Jehovahs sole channel on the earth today!" BLAH! O....M....G....

    "You know brothers, we have been short every month for quite some time now, in fact our "expenses" exceed our donations by about $500 every month. At this rate, YOU will use up YOUR emergency funds in about 6 months or less. If we really appreciate all this (he waves his hand around, including pointing at the new video system), we will live up to our OBLIGATION (he says sternly)."

    So here is a congregation that is strapped to begin with (most of the members are older), and you just know that with the CO in town, he's going over the books and realizing that they cant live up to their original "obligation" based on the pledges they took in. So rather than just readjust the amount they are sending in, for now, they are beating the poor slaves to hand over more money!!

    SICK, SICK, SICK! I look around and see so many are just sick and tired, its like a bad dream at a used car lot.

  • cappytan

    This is ridiculous. I feel such loathing for the hypocrisy.

    So glad I have to work late tonight instead of going to the meeting.

  • Magnum
    Interesting. I'm kind of glad to hear that because I think that if the org continues to go down this road, it is going to cause more JWs to start thinking some and maybe get disgruntled.
  • cofty

    It's disgusting!

    I'm sure this scenario will be repeated all over the world until even the most blind JW begins to get sick of being squeezed for cash.

  • 88JM

    Very topical that they've just considered the account of Jephtha in the bible reading for Judges - don't make rash decisions or you'll be sacrificing your children next.


    The elder body decided to "donate" the extra funds on hand to WT, as directed. The bank account went from about $10,000 down to about $5,000, literally overnight.

    ...........................Image result for Watchtower logo

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    ....................................Image result for Shaking money out of pockets

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    WT needs to rely on jehovah for financial support and stop relying on imperfect humans. WT is always telling the sheeples to rely on god and he will provide, so where is he now? If he really is an all-powerful god that created everything, he could create a few gold bars to cover his expenses.

  • the comet
    the comet
    We had the exact local needs talk this week as well. We were reminded to give more, volunteer more, and go out in service more.
  • Magnum

    Hey, Billy the Ex, you know better than that. He'll be coming around to help them as soon as he gets his starship.

  • DesirousOfChange


    Just the first minute or so...............


    Looks like this new arrangement to "fleece the flock" will be as about as successful as the "donation arrangement" for literature.


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