Did you ever drink at the hall?

by kid-A 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • kid-A

    Or show up half-sloshed??? Or even a really bad hang-over?? LOL....

    At the pique of my "rebellious" phase when I was about 16-18, I often smuggled in a small mickey of Drambuie or Baileys then snuck off into the library for

    a little sniffter.....a couple sips helped numb the psychological torture of sitting through the Watchtower in the second hour. Yup! Thats how much I HATED

    being there..... Surely I couldn't have been the only one resorting to this desperate measure? LOL....

  • pobthespazz

    Our K/H in a suburb in London was very close to the local high street, and quite regularly on a Thursday service meeting, because the boredom was very high,I would pop out of the hall and go to the closest pub and have a couple of quick beers.

  • justsomedude

    Hangovers were fairly common for me when we had the early sunday meetings. I can think of one particular meeting running the sound box that was veeerrryy long. Not being able to escape to the bathroom was a real test of intestinal fortitude.

    Actually having the roving mics was no picnic either if you had one of those hangovers that didnt allow you stand up without becoming sick to your stomach.

    I think I only showed up to the meeting tanked once though, I didnt have any problems, but felt kind of bad about it.... What a sucker I was.

  • justsomedude

    Actually now that I think about it, I think I showed up for service a few times after a hard night out. Still with a solid buzz I mean.

  • Junction-Guy

    Most all of the JW's in Ohio drank, some heavy or some not. Gum chewing was considered the sin back in the 70's

  • whyamihere

    LOL - I do have to reply to this!

    Yes, many times I was completely hammered. My brothers too! I swear there was nothing harder than to keep from giggling or falling over during the drunken moments at the hall! Hell, I even answered while under the influence.....lol.

    I know, it was bad and disrespectful, but it made the meeting fly and it was more interesting.

    However, I never drove - I have to add that.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I never took booze to the meetings, and I don't know anyone who did, though one of the elders, who is well - known as a heavy drinker, used to come to Sunday morning meetings looking worse for wear. I only ever went with a hangover once myself, having been to my brothers' (non jw) wedding the day before. That meeting seemed extra long.

  • pobthespazz

    I never drink & drive , you tend to spill it.

  • BrentR

    I never drank or was hung at any meetings but I did dip snuff. The last four years of being JW I routinely gave talks, ran the mics/amps etc with dip of chew in. I think that is the only thing that allowed me to sit through the hours of self righteous drivel and not lose my mind. Someday I will drop this little nugget of info on my JW mom just for the entertainment value. Aside from going pale I do not know what the rest of her reaction will be.

  • blondie

    Never saw anyone bring alcohol to the meeting but several showed up bombed. There was some dope dealing in the restrooms though, but not used at the KH.


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