circuit overseer demands elders destroy my records

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  • restrangled

    Justahuman wrote:

    You should've told your parents instead if you felt the need to tell someone. They were your family and they probably would've tried to help you because I'm sure they wouldn't have wanted anyone else to find out what you had done.

    Not if they were hardliners. My parents brought myself and my brothers before the comittee on a moments notice many times.....starting from the age of 11 on dad was an elder at the time. My mom also turned in my Dad to the Overseer before there was more than one guy running the cong. She got hell for that one from the PO at the time. He asked her "What are you, the spiritual police?" which I think is still pretty funny.

    The JW's that I knew would elicit your confidence, pretend to be sympathetic, and then at the next Service meeting, you found yourself behind closed doors in an inquisition.


  • LovesDubs

    Welcome to the board! Dont take anything personally...we all just throw it out there and discuss it, good bad, pimples and all.

    I recall when I first came in in the mid to late 80s there was a policy to disassociate people who were damn close to getting baptized. It was like as big a punishment as they could mete out to somebody not baptized but on the cusp of doing so. They announced it and everything like he was being DFd. I remember thinking how damn harsh that was considering the guy wasnt even a MEMBER of this damn club yet! His mom and brother were both regular pioneers and I think the elders felt they had to make an example of him to the rest of the "youth" coming up that if they thought just cuz they werent dunked yet that they could phuque around with Jehovahs wrath they had another thing coming! Yeah...they sure showed HIM! 13 years old and nobody in his family could talk to him anymore. Great.

    Its all bullcrap anyway. Little men playing God.


  • avidbiblereader

    Don't fret too much about records, to the writing of many books there is no end and it is wearisome to the flesh, what does that tell you? There is only one record that is really mentioned in the Bible and the Witnesses nor anyone else can get their hands on it and have nothing to do with it. It says

    Malachi 3:16 (Amplified Bible)

    16 Then those who feared the Lord talked often one to another; and the Lord listened and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him of those who reverenced and worshipfully feared the Lord and who thought on His name. Let them do what they want, it has no signficant meaning whether it came from a CO who is acting as a rogue, or otherwise. It always amazed me when the CO would show up, it was like someone important is coming or something and everybody made a big tado about it. They are just men, a pile of dust from what the Bible tells me, no different than you or me. They are not inspired and the records mean nothing. I bet it won't change your life one way or the other. Sorry to tell you that but old records is not like Cold Case Files on TV. Thanks for the compliment, take care and wish you well.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    Welcome. I figured you must have been removed as an "approved associate" and dissassociatedddddd. Its funny how they used to announce when a person became a publisher by saying that they were now an "approved associate". I always thought, "who are you to approve for me who I associate with?" Now they simply say, "so and so is no longer a publisher of the good news." The inference of not associating is implied because this removal is a disciplinary act. Very subtle and sneaky. Now there is a whole new book for witnoids on how the congregation runs, could be even more new procedures.

    I'm sure your records are long gone at Bethel. The CO was right, they should have been removed from the local congregation long ago. Yeah, you were human, made mistakes. At least you have your self respect and your life doesn't revolve around the opinions of these people. I say celebrate your independence and enjoy your life.


  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Now I see,you are not trying to judge me. I took a walk after my last post and I felt a little guilty for talking about myself so publicly. I just want peace, Iv'e turned into a hermit in the last couple of years, very introspective. I'm sorry if I came across harshly on my last post. Im starting to build trust and youv'e put my mind at ease. I entered this posting business fearful that I wouldn't not be able to control my anger. Youv'e all helped that because I feel like i'm being understood, thank you. I must admit however I must push myself to even talk to people.

  • avidbiblereader

    Feels good not to be judged, feels good to be able vent some of pent up emotions and feelings. Nice thing about posting unless you are displaying your actual photo, you can relax with your postings and express yourself without worry. Enjoy the forum for what it is, a haven from the harshness you have experienced elsewhere, people just being honest, come what may. Take care and wish you the best.

  • bigmouth

    Tyrone, sometime what happens here on JWD is we get the odd new poster who knows a little about JW's and comes on with a half believable story just to wind everyone up. And there are a lot of open wounds here!
    So when your experience didn't quite fit into the kind of usual parameters then some got a bit assertive. As you've posted further your story has become clearer and of course you were relating through your eyes and not in 'Watchtower speak'.
    So, good to have you here and it sounds like you've got a lot to get off your chest.

  • JWdaughter

    Hey, I was disassociated! In the US, in 1980. Never baptised (though I am wondering if the elders assumed I had been-but wouldn't they know/check?)

  • skyking
    Here in the US, you have to be baptized before you can be disfellowshipped or disassociated

    This is not true some years back you bet you could. Back in the70's my brother was announced from the platform that he was unfit association the same as DF'ing him.

  • skyking

    Forgot to say he was not baptized. He never came back to the borg.

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